Buy v3.4 and then upgrade to 4.0 when released


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Buy v3.4 and then upgrade to 4.0 when released

I'm interested in purchasing a license for 3.4 but with the imminent release of 4.0, would I be able to upgrade for free or cheaply to 4.0? If not, how far off is 4.0 from release, as this is mentioned in your anniversary post here: as being quite soon.

Many thanks,

Chris Beasley

It is not soon :(
Thanks Eugene,

Are you able to give any form of indication or approximate timeframe for 4.0? At the moment I'm back on to another VNC client as the trail for Radmin has expired. Big problem is they're all rubbish in comparison to the speed of Radmin, so I would hate to have to spend the money now and then say in 2-3 months a newer better version is released that I cannot easily financially upgrade to.

Can you see my predicament? Indicating 4.0 but then not giving a timeframe can create an air of uncertainty and perhaps might but customers off buying for the moment.

Well I am prohibited to provide any ETAs...
Hi Eugene,

While it is disappointing that no release date is given for 4.0 or any upgrade path indicated I fully understand your position. Thank you for your assistance.

Kind Regards,

I would like to know if I, by purchasing a 3.5 license today, will be eligible for a upgrade to 4 for free and if not, if it can be arranged to a reduced cost (compared to a ordinary radmin 4 license price)

Edited: user001 - 28.12.2012 19:37:11

Upgrade policy isn't established yet, however I am sure that there will be a discount for current users.
just by it, you loss value of time if you wait :)
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