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Moving License to new Hardware, How to avoid buying new licenses when you switch computers
I have seen many people asking related questions, but I didn't find an exact answer so I will post it my way.
We are wiping PC's and installing Windows 7. If they have an existing RAdmin license, it is gone and their new image needs to be licensed. That consumes a second license. The first is no longer in service. We have a 1000 user and a 500 user license, so it isn't a case of just buying a couple new licenses.
There does not appear to be any way to "unregister" a license. Is there a way we can send you data to get our licenses restored?
We could send you an SMS inventory showing where it is installed to give a current count, but this is an ongoing upgrade process.

If we move to the Activation Server in the future, will this address the issue?
Are there plans to address this in future versions (and if not, is it to late to get it on the wish list)?
User since V2.1
Radmin license is hardware bound and the can`t be transfered. But if PCs with Radmin in them are being replaced or died you will have to send us a letter on a letterhead of your organization which confirms the fact that a certain number of your workstations were decommissioned/upgraded and you need to get those licenses back. In that letter you will have to specify the number of licenses lost as it is possible to restore only the lost licenses, not to reset the whole license key. After that all you have to do is sign this letter, scan it and send it to us. That’s all we require.
Hi Anna,

Thanks for your answer this is exactly the same problem that we are experiencing. Please can you provide the best address to submit a headed letter, I am based in the UK, and as requested by James are there any plans to change this?

Kind regards

You need to submit a ticket via our support system, or send a letter directly to
So it appears to me that the license server is simply acting as a gateway for licensing requests, and not actually tracking the licenses? If RAdmin is uninstalled prior to wiping/reimaging, does that then release that license for reuse (like Adobe)? Otherwise it appears that installing RAdmin on a machine is a "one way" process, and that there's no mechanism for actually "managing" the licenses. One simply prints out, signs, scans and emails a letter to RAdmin and gets the total count incremented?

Are there plans to make the license server actually a license management server as might be expected in a network environment?

We answer license questions ONLY via ticket system.
My apologies. I was simply asking a licensing question in a relevant thread of the Licensing Questions forum.
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The lack of beeing able to manage your licenses in a business environment is the reason why we switched to a different product years ago. can't believe it's still handled like that.

radmin is a great product but the license issue is still a show-stopper.
Famatech have you fixed the licensing yet. Sending a letter to get back lost licenses. Is that a joke?

Think we also need to leave radmin, to bad it was a good remote program.
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