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Auto Config scripts?, has anyone tried this?
I have currently been working on incorporating this software into my domain on campus. But i was a bit nervious since some teachers might not understand that ip addresses change due to our dhcp authentication tickets. I do not want to increase the lease time on tickets on my domain, but was wondering if there where a commandline switch i could pass to Radmin that would allow me to create a conection given a few arguments. I would like to create a program that would prompt a faculty member for the domain name of the pc then resolve the ip from our servers then return it to the pc and pass in the resolved ip to establish a connection.

Is there such a switch in Radmin and has anyone else covered this topic yet?
Why are you working with IP addresses?

If your machines have network names (which they usually have), you can use the name instead of the IP. So whenever the IP changes, the DNS knows about it and finds the right IP.

For me that approach works very well.

You can even connect to a machine via internet if you use the Dynamic DNS service like from, so you can connect to your home PC from work using dynamic IP addresses without even knowing that the IP has changed.

Works very well.

Well i have only had this program for a day and its the trial version, when i make a connection to a pc on my intranet it asks for the ip address. It was just something i saw that would potentially be a hinderance to the faculty when using this software.
Ok, i see what your talking about now. Thanks!
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