Advanced IP Scanner Reports False Names


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Advanced IP Scanner Reports False Names, Scan list correct IP addresses, but names are not always correct.
I am runnig a small network for our church which has four servers with two being an Active Directory under Windows Server 2008 R2, DNS, DHCP, etc. Network consist of two subnets. I have run the latest version of Advanced IP Scanner several (50-100) times both from one of the servers and my workstation PC. I noticed that Advanced IP Scanner is reporting the Name of one of the fixed IPs incorrectly on the Server run vs the Workstation run. I thought it may be due to the DNS Servers as I have two running; Primary and secondary so I have cleared the cache on both DNS servers and re-run Advanced IP Scanner with the same outcome. When I run from the workstation I get a correct Name, but some of the other IP address which have Bios names may or may not show the Names. When I run from the server the incorrect name apperars for the IP address and some IP address showing in the Name even though I have Names set on the divices.

Any thoughts as to where I should look to determine if the IP and Name are being set correctly?

Thanks Steve
Try to check it under options and see what you can work on it from there.
Yes, I have it set there to show those items. I have all options checked. I also set it for the slowest scan speed as indicated that the accuracy would increase.

It's my understanding that IP Scan pull the name from the device directly. Is that correct?
Ok, found a little more information. I went to command on one of my pcs and pinged by IP and returned connection, but when I pinged by PC name I could not get a response. We run two DNS servers so I don't think something is rebuilding them with the name and ip association. Looking into how to repopulate the DNS servers now.
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