APS v1.1 display bug


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APS v1.1 display bug
I installed Advanced Port Scanner v1.1 on Windows XP. And when I run the program, then when I resize the window or maximize the window, then when I check the box labeled "Use group of ranges" it draws the options "Select port range:" and other stuff in the white part of the box. It can be removed by moving another window over that part, as it seems to be ghost data and not actually there.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

Also while in full screen mode and the check box is selected, the bottom status bar gets moved off the screen.

Also if I maximize the screen, then select the check box, then restore the screen to the previous state, the window size grows and cannot be restored to the original small size. Do this a bunch and you can really make the window size quite large and can only be fixed by closing the program.

Either check box will cause this bug. "Use group of ranges" or "Use ports ranges list". Although the latter doesn't cause any false info to be drawn.
This bug is fixed in version 1.2 that is available for download at our site:

Best regards Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
Not to be a pest here, but APS v1.2 still pushes the bottom "status bar" off the screen (down) when you are at full screen and you select either of the above mentioned check boxes.

Also if you are NOT at full screen mode and both check boxes are checked, then you go to full screen mode and uncheck them, the window resizes smaller (supposed to be full screen) but not allowing you resize bigger because it still thinks it is in full screen mode, so you can see the stuff under APS.

So it seems you still have some window resizing bugs. But the "ghost data" bug is fixed.
Yes, this little glitch does exists. It will be fixed in next version, but currenly we are VERY busy prepearing RAdmin 3.0, so network utilites will not ipdate until Radmin 3.0 is released

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
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