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Suggestion for Advanced IP Scanner 1.3
Love the program, nice work.

My suggestion is to provide the option to not show dead machines in the search results. I realize that I can sort by status, however, if I want to sort by machine or user name, all the dead machines are in the mix. The option to remove or not show the dead machines would allow you to locate your target machine faster.

How about the option to choose a column to auto sort by. At the moment it sorts on the IP but we have all our machines setup with the "Name" set to the user so we can find them quickly.

Have some sort of way to view the exported results better. Maybe by some sort of database or something.
Sorry for late answer - i have really alot of work with my RAdmin 3.0 parts.

Thanks for suggestions - we will implement aoutosorting in next version of Advanced IP Scanner (i think i will spend some time on it at the beginning of June).
Show/hide dead machines was implemented (as you can see in advanced port scanner) but was switched off intensionally by design. If you think that this option will be useful - we will make appropriate changes to interface.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.

how about keeping the mac address instead of returning 2 zero when the nic is dead.i use ipscanner to wake up nics on my net its grt. but i have 2 keep entrieng the mac addresses..
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How about adding a option to only show ip's with open ports. I have 40 computers I connect to every day, But the computers are on dynamic ip . So I scan a full range of ips looking for 1 port to be open. I have to look thru the entire list of 0's lookig for a 1 in the open port list.
keeping the mac addresses (dead computers) is a very good idea! we also want to wake up computers..., but when you rescan your computers the mac addresses from the dead computers are 00-00 ...

Other point from me:
- option to show/hide the scan results window, because the window above is too small, when you have 100+ computers in you network

But very cool tool anyway!
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