Advanced IP v1.3 - Netbios GroupName wrong


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Advanced IP v1.3 - Netbios GroupName wrong
Advanced IP scanner v1.3 seems to be returning the wrong Netbios group name for my NT4 server (but correct groups for the workstations).

for is returns netbios group name CIV

but it is in the CPE workgroup. However, it does have machines from the CES and CIV workgroup connecting to it.

See here for the output of a NBTSTAT command from the same machine that is running IPScan (running Win98se).

C:\WINDOWS>nbtstat -a

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name Type Status
CPESERV <00> UNIQUE Registered
INet~Services <1C> GROUP Registered
RNBO00C0F0584A6<39> UNIQUE Registered
CPE <00> GROUP Registered
NETINEL0 <20> UNIQUE Registered
CES <00> GROUP Registered
IS~CPESERV.....<00> UNIQUE Registered
CIV <00> GROUP Registered
CPESERV <03> UNIQUE Registered
CPESERV <20> UNIQUE Registered
CPE <1E> GROUP Registered
CPESERV <01> UNIQUE Registered

MAC Address = 00-C0-F0-58-4A-69

Is is perhaps picking up the last of the <00> GROUP entry rather than the <1E> GROUP line.
Here is the Export from the Advanced IP scanner - I selected the computer from the list and exported as text. I edited it a bit in notepad to get it to fit this window.

IP Status Name Ping time Alive 1

NetBIOS user name NetBIOS computer name NetBIOS group name

MAC adress Comment

So you can see that it has CIV listed as the group name. Now maybe I am missing something but I thought the Netbios groupname would be the group that the machine in configured in under Control Panel/Network settings.

Thanx for helping us! I will re-check rules for NetBIOS names trsnslation and, if it's mistake, i will fix it as fast as possible.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
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