IP scanner - how to tell if the radmin install is requiring auth


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IP scanner - how to tell if the radmin install is requiring auth
I need to find out how secure the radmin installs are. Is there any tweak we can use on ip scanner to show whether a scan of port 4899 is requesting authentication?
someone pleeeaaase answer this
in other words a post scanner that will scan ip ranges and show a list of the ones requesting and not requesting auth.
would be very helpfull on us with large networks and want to continually make sure all are auth requests are working.
so a scanner that has an feature that will test it and say whether or not its asking for a password.
Sorry, there is no "Radmin password scanner" due to security reasons.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
Can u force to get into a pc with pass,can u crack the pass?
nope.. :|
i dont think we asked for a password scanner, but simpley a scanner that will confirm the port is secure or not.
Can u breake a radmin pass ? Is it possible ? If it is give me a tip or something , i don`t expect u to help me , but maybe you`ll show gratitude :D
Breaking radmin password is impossible: we use very simple and efficient challenge-responce authentification, and if use don't know a password there is no way to connect.

Best regards, Famatech support
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
Anyone can break into yet?
I think no body.....
It is impossible....
Good software.
help me please
what is the "password" of registry thank. :~(

please tell me at
Thank for everybody
how about check a range of ips that radmin is installed? it is hard to monitor which is missing in the network :cry:
Radmin Viewer 3.0beta allow you to check which Radmin Server is running or not. You may create a phonebook with all Radmin Servers in your network for this purpose.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
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