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Remote Shutdown
I just found this utility and have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to perform a shutdown like in RAdmin (ie. Power off?)

2. Are there plans to include this directly with RAdmin?


I just wanted to add this is for the ipscan utility...
1. Yes - remote shutdown can completely turn off target machine.

2. As this utilities are freeware, any RAdmin user can download them from our site. We are thinking about includeing link on them in RAdmin documentation.

Best regards, Gregor, Famatech Support Team
Sorry. Shutdown from ipscan works but I have to physically hit the power button for the machine to go completely off. With RAdmin, you can Shutdown or Switch Power Off. Does ipscan have the ability to perform a Switch Power Off?

I am interested in situations where I have several machines to hit and the group feature in ipscan is perfect for this.

Thanks in advance.
I am now confused. Can you clarify for me how I could perform a shutdown with power off? You say it is possible. I would like to use the functionality of ipscan, so I can execute a group shutdown. If I try selecting several machines and try to use the RAdmin shutdown, I am only prompted for the first machine in the list.

I have now taken the time to also read more of the online help. It does state that I will receive a message that "it is now safe to power off your computer," but I would like to be able to skip this step.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I look forward for a response.

Thanks in advance.
how can useed this program to romote to turn on/off any computer
note :> the os is 98 2000 xp and he dont use adminestrater passowrd
Ralph someone to check is to do a few cold boots with the troublesome machines. ensure that the machine itself when ordered to Start>Shutdown>Shutdown, does actually shutdown BY ITSELF.
hi ive just been playing with radmin ..i have a windows 9x machine and a windows 2000 machine.. but i was thinking of getting a machine and installing linux redhat 7.2 on it and using it as a gateway for my home network is radmin compatable with linux and other unix operating systems?
any info would be aprieciated ...
Here's an addon for Remote shutdown.
Can we have a timer for the application so we can schedule a shutdown time for all machines that are on?
For example, i want to shut all machines at 7pm everyday and send a message to anyone logged in at 6:50 to notify them of the shutdown.
This would be a great feature.

thanks for your good work.
Could you imagine if Microsoft implemented a system shutdown feature to a target machine without additional software running on it? Could you say "internet mass computer shutdown".
Shutdown.exe in the ResKit does this. It will also allow you to put the shutdown on a timer. So, set up a scheduled task on each machine (or on a central machine) to run shutdown.exe at 6:50p w/ a 10 minute countdown.
Yes, this seemd to be a good solution.

Scripting and automations are not implemented in Advanced IP scanner since it's not the main program purpose, but i have added this feature in wishlist, so it may be implemented in new versions of IP or LAN Scanners.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
The shutdown options works on Win98 OS? :?:
I just got the ipscanner and it scans great but whenever i try to shut down a pc remotely it says that it is unsecussful. i do know that that computer has a firewall, what port is used for the remote shutdown command? and could the problem be because i am sending the message from a windows xp machine to a windows me machine? please reply to THANKS!!! :( :( :(
Note, that only NT-based machines can be remote shutdowned using Windows methods. Windows ME must be configured additinaly to be able shutdown remotely.

Remote shutdown uses NetBIOS communication, that utilizes port 137 (described in RFC 1002)

Best Regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
thanks for replying, how do you enable a ME machine to be remote shut downed? THANKS ALOT!!!!!!
Sorry, but configuring Windows ME is out of scope for this forum. Try to posting this question in "general discussion" forum on this site - maybe, someone will answer it.

Best Regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
I was wondering if you can remotely shutdown a comp over the internet. i noticed you can see their netbois info, but i was wondering if you can remotely shut them down. :D
I am using Advanced IP Scanner 1.2 and when I do a remote shutdown, the computer does not power off. This happened on several machines I tried. I get the safe to turn off your computer screen. This question was asked earlier in this thread but I did not find an answer. Is there an answer?

Thank you
Answer lies in configuring target computer NetBIOS and Windows so it will shut down ATX case too. This configurations are quite complicated, so it will be a good idea to search on the net or wait until some expert will spare his time and makes detailed instructions. We, at Famatech, don't offer Windows tech support.

Best regards, Famatech support team
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
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