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Advanced Port Scanner Request
Hi, I'm test driving Advanced Port Scanner and I would like you to add to the wishlist feature I saw in another program (but somehow couldn't make it work in that one..) that lets you use a .lst file to load a port list, but unlike your program, which only seems to let you save the port numbers that one lets you load port descriptions. Seems trivial perhaps, but I want to avoid to have to check the list of possible threats by going to another file.

should be something like:
25, smtp
10505, some trojan

Ports descriptions are added in wish list. It may be implemented in one of next releases - but only after we make Radmin 3.0 release.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech support team
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
GREAT answer - lets not do anything, other then relese RAdmin 3.0 :-)

Can we add 1 feature to RAdmin 3.0 - this is a critical feature ... when released the release date should contain a 2004. Lets not let it slip into 2005, ok?
We are trying our best to bring you final product as fast as possible.

Best regards, Famatech support team
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
will the next version keep the mac addresses? i hope so, it makes a great w-o-l tool...
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