WOL with no NETBIOS names in saved list


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WOL with no NETBIOS names in saved list, WOL with no NETBIOS names in saved list

I am working with licenced Radmin on our network with 28 PC's with a NT4 DHCP server. Note: Not al the PC's get from the DHCP server every time the same IP adres.

I would like to use WOL with IPscanner 1.3, but every time I load the previous saved list, all the computers are shown DED.

The problem is that I don't get the NETBIOS names (just ?), but I do get the MAC addresses of the (DED) computers.

When I do a network scan I get the NETBIOS names from the computer which are switched on, but ofcouse not of the computers which are switched off.

When I would like to switch on the computer with WOL I have to know the computer NETBIOS name.

Can somebody help me with this issue?

Kind regards,

Hendrik Highwave
The Netherlands
v1.3 of Advanced IP scanner does not save NetBIOS names yet. We will implement this feature in one of next versions after release of Radmin 3.0

Best regards, Famatech support team
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.

we love your software that why we keep asking questions and wanting more..
looks like a few new software products could be in the works. i'd sure as heck pay for an ip scanner/processor with radmin abilities, wol, shutdown .. just try to find one thst works, i'm serious..
being disabled and also having computer repair centers that the disabled and well frequest, i cant tell u how many customers have requested help or full asistance on wol and control over networks. currently or customers are uprading to gigabit lans and the p4 mobos have their own percularities. along with other wol changes from pci card triggering and usb problems your util is about the only one that works correctly (that i've seen - and its free)

i thank u
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I am fighting an issue not being able to wake up the machines of my renderfarm over here.

We use Tyan S2466 mainboards that have onboard 100 MBit fast Ethernet card and we installed a 3Com 3C996B-T server class Gigabit Ethernet card as well. Both cards are enabled, but the 100 MBit is not used at all, just for the case the Gigabit fails we can plug the cable to the slower port.

For some reason I can not wake up the 3Com 3C996B-T cards at all. They are enabled for WOL and the lights flicker even when the PC is switched off. I never did anything with WOL before, so I'd be happy if you can elaborate on what I might be doing wrong here.

Btw, I am a long term user of Radmin 2.1 and really like it for my home use. I am currently considering upgrading my whole company to using it.

I have been looking at 2.2 but I found it annoying that I MUST have a password as protection and can not leave that free & empty. When controlling e.g. my render farm PC's (which have no monitors etc. at all connected) I like it to simply click on them and here we go. Having to type a password as a "MUST" is extremely annoying. I switched back to 2.1 instead, works pretty much simpler for me.

Unfortunately 2.1 does lack the functionality for screens sizes beyond 2048 pixels, which I do have due to dual screen 1280x960y display. I read that is going to be there at least in 3.0.

Will 3.0 still force me to use a password as a "MUST" or can I have a version that works as 2.1 did?
When is 3.0 going to be available?
Do you need testers?
What about a site license for ~30 to 50 computers (about 10 users, the rest is slave machines)

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