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Suggestion for Release Information, Suggestion
Why not add a Forum titled: Product Release Information.

This would allow for each product on the forum to have its own pinned and locked thread for the Famatech admins to update.

The advantages to this would be a centralized location for product release information since relevant details quickly get buried in the posts. It would save user frustration in regards to locating and searching for up to date and relevant information. It also saves the admins from having to worry about trying to keep up with each post questioning release information.

By far the biggest potential (note I said potential) advantage is for Famatech to regularly (at least quarterly) update the pinned and locked topics with up-to-date information. This could serve as a stepping stone back to the path of showing customers that Famatech is actively engaged in bettering its communication with customers and bettering its products while reducing the burden of communication, all at the same time. However, this advantage falls squarely on Famatech to realize and utilize this potential.

Just trying to help bridge some obvious gaps...

Best Regards,
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