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Radmin Alternative!
This is a suggestion for those people, like me, that have waited for more than three years for the supposedly eminent release of Radmin 3.0. Radmin was definitely ahead of it's time when it was released and developed a fairly fanatical following. Unfortunately, they have been holding the carrot of a new version in front of us waaaay to long. For this reason, I would like them to put up, or sell their software to a company that will really continue development of the product. In the meantime, look at the latest version of Radmin. :D
Wow Sean you are truely a good man. That software is great. I was able to tweak it to be just as fast as RAdmin and have features RAdmin. Ive been looking for something like this for over a Year. Can't Believe i found it on this poor excuse of a forum.

Thank you again.
We read it. You can see my reply at
Did Sean's link get stripped out? Does he know of another competing product?

Can we at least have the link restored so we can take a look and evaluate for ourselves?

Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
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