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Radmin and Linux/unix, Radmin and linux/unix
hello again last time I asked this question was last year sometime ago.

Did radmin ever cross over to the linux O/S domain :?:
I ever test radmin on linux using WINE and it works FINE. :idea:
Did radmin ever cross over to the linux O/S domain
There's no Radmin version for Linux OS. We are planning to develop a Linux version of Remote Administrator, but now we are extremely busy with beta-testing of Radmin 3.0. The development of Linux version was not started yet.

It's possible to run Radmin 2.x Viewer (but not Server) under Transgaming's WineX (Windows emulator for Linux)

1. download this RPM:
(for mandrake user: remember to do a printerdrake from the terminal before install , go to expert section and install your printer, it will give you the xmessage dependence that codeweavers needs and that you can't found anywhere else)
2. you must be logged in as root for install (rpm -i codeweavers-wine-20020411-6.i386.rpm)
3. Now you must log out from root and type winesetup with normal user account.
4. Run radmin by doing: "wine Radmin.exe"

Remember WineX has limitations and it can't be launched from as (since WineX setup can't handle root user) so use a normal user to lunch "wine Radmin.exe" command.

The only limitation is that keyboard shortcuts are disabled (for example, F12 can't switch screen modes) and right-click on the top of the screen won't change screen mode.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.

Any update on Radmin for Linux? 3.0 doesn't work under CrossOver :(

Try Radmin Viewer 3.01, it should works under Wine.
Hey Support,

Now that Radmin 3.0 is out and stable, are there any plans for a linux release of Radmin?

Kind Regards..
Paul Lee
Dmitry Znosko wrote:
Try Radmin Viewer 3.01, it should works under Wine.

I've tried this and I receive an error saying "kernel32.dll - Can't load library" and that's it. I would really like to get this working under Wine, especially if you think it should.


EDIT: Scratch that, I had 3.0. I'm trying 3.01 now and will let you know how it works out.
3.01 does in fact work with Wine.

Great work!


Where do you get 3.01 ? Every download i find is

Matthew Drover;

Yes, 3.01 in fact does work with wine (not crossover) but the problem I am having is that authentication very rarely works because of the new authentication systems that the newer version uses. Apart from the fact that it's pretty hairy having to emulate windows just to run the software.

Dmitry Znosko, why is famatech not producting a version for linux based systems?

I'm very keen to help out where ever possible, the options I see are:

1. Get X number of people to pre-order the linux version so famatech can guarantee that there is profit in producing a version for linux based systems.

2. Get a third-party crowd together to produce the linux based version of the radmin software, unsupported by famatech.

Paul Lee
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