Limitation of final virsion.


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Limitation of final virsion., Why is the number of viewer connected to the same server limited
I received a letter from Famatech.
The letter says,
As for the number of viewers connected to the same host we plan to implement the following limitations (per connection mode):
Full Screen + View only - 3

But in the forum <Famatech Beta Testing> Svetlana Yastrebova Administrator Famatech Support said it was beta only limitation.
I believed the word and decided to use Radmin3. I've been testing it for this six months. I feel cheated.
Why is the limitation implemented?
Radmin2 doesn’t have such a limitation. So there is no necessity such a limitation should be added to Radmin3.
Are there any technical issues?
If this limitation was caused by issue of profit, you should made Radmin3 Viewer not free of charge. I don’t mind paying fee for Viewer.
Could you please not implement the limitaion.
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