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Not a radmin, but a forum wish
I am french (no one is perfect, and i can't help about it).

Until the fourth sunday of october, common time for me is CEST (afterwards, CET all winter long), all of it expressed in 24 hours periods, and not in the PM/AM convention.

In these conditions, the "time" of this forum (i suppose it to be american, easten) is quite confusing for me.

Would the administrators be kind enough to write somewhere on this forum what times refers to (eg, "all times are TU minus 6"), or better let each user in his profile (maybe it does exist but i did not find it) choose his local time?

Darn it:

The last thing i wrote was in the "network" section, pretending it to be 8:35 am, i don't remember the local time, and it still don't know about this forum's time zone:
it was 16:35 or 17:35, most likely the latter, common european summer time (TU or GMT +2 until next sunday).

Any php forum gives me in my profile access to the "right syntax":

Fuseau horaire: GMT + 2 heures
Format de la date: D d M Y H:i

The latter one giving me standard european time format :

Mer 25 octobre 2006 21:37

instead of american format:

10/25/06 4:37 pm

It would be so comprehensive of you guys to acknowledge that a lot of foreign people try to get their guts out to write a language which is everything but natural to them.

Please, don't add to the strain with stupid hour concerns, they of course don't make any sense to you (still, aren't there 4 different american time zones?), but do a lot to strangers, even if i know they are not so appreciated since some 11th of september.
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