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Multiple forum connexions
This is not a specific radmin issue as it can be seen on numerous forums.

But it maybe should be better handled, speaking of networking, by radmin.

So, the question concerns not radmin itself, only this forum but, i beg your pardon, i haven't seen any more rightfull place to write it.

I suppose i am not the only one to connect, as from office and from home, under different ip and mail adresses.

As a result, when i identify myself back at home, i see marked as "new" dozens of threads i have allready read from my office 2 days ago.

Painful, really (as well as the absence of reference on this same forum to the local time zone, but well, i evoked this last question 2 or 3 times, and no one seems to give a sh....for us, i guess we shouldn't in the first place be granted any right to be non-US people).
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