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RadmiX, possible client for mac so
i hope the good people at famatech are seriously considering building a radmin client that runs natively on osx. minions of IT pros are moving from microsoft to apple, and an osx client of radmin would be really popular.

unfortunately so many business are still running the buggy windows os, and radmin is still the best client i have found to offer remote support. an osx client would make radmix the ultimate tool in tech support.

if only santa claus was a software developer at famatech,
Know it's not an answer to what you were asking but I run Radmin viewer and server through Parralells in my Mac Book pro and that works really well.

Hopefully a native client will come out. . . .
I too am considering a move to using my Mac as my only machine. Unfortunately I need to support a number of remote users using RAdmin.
Would love to see at least a RAdmin client (Viewer) that would run in OS X without a virtual machine or Intel processor in the Mac.
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