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** IDEA - Radmin Viewer - URL **
A nice an easy idea.

As you use radmin viewer for a list of sites etc can we have the ability to add a simple URL? Right click and add URL.
You could use this for alot of different uses.

This would be VERY useful.
It has been posted in one of these forums before. With a simple registry tweak you can create URL for radmin:


@="URL: Connect Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\radmin~1.0\\radmin.exe\",1"



@="C:\\progra~1\\radmin~1.0\\radmin.exe /%1"

Please make sure that the path to radmin.exe is correct. After you applied the registry setting you can connect to radmin through a url like:

connect:computername <command line switches>

For the <command line switches> you should check the radmin manual.

I wish I would have found this earlier.... this is gonna be great!
Glad you like it! I use this in a dynamic telephonebook (ASP) at our company since 2003. I found it somewhere on Famatech forums and I don't deserve the credits. This registry tweak is around here for a few years and I know a lot of people use it so I would suggest Famatech to incorparate this tweak as an option in the Radmin 3 release.
This sounds very useful. :)

I think though i have not explained myself. In the Viewer list you can create new connections. For most techs this would have a list of sites. In the same way you right clikc and add new connection I would like right click and add URL. then you have a list of sites and URL's The URL's could hyperlink to a local intranet, router configaration pages etc etc etc :)
Paul Curran,

I do not know it this will help but.

Famatech has an IP scanner that integrates Radmin and telnet. IP Scanner 1.5.

This will let you scan all your IPs and find routers, computers and all and put them in a list. You then right click the item and you it gives you the options to telnet, http, or Radmin the devices. Here is a link to if you want to download it.

It not URL but it is a tool to let you list all your devices and access them form one application.
Stacey Cline
This isn't quite what i'm on about. :)

You have a list you can add new connections.
Right add new connection or folder. can we have add new url. So when you have the list of people you radmin into you can have a list under that site for urls.

I use Radmin also. We have a dynamic list of sites, almost a thousand long, that we connect to whose IP addresses change with somewhat regularity. So I wrote a program to input a text list of connections and create a folder structure grouping connections together, and it writes out a .rpb file readable by viewer 3.0 build and newer. The connection organization is custom to our needs, but I can set it to write the file with the default port of 4899 or make that switchable for that matter. If anyone would like some help with this, let me know. I'd be happy to put the program I wrote out for others' use as long as Famatech has no problem with this.
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