RAdmin NOT an enterprise tool.


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RAdmin NOT an enterprise tool.
As, I'm sure, most large corporate environment administrators are aware that a fully functional remote control tool would have the ability to enable or disable all or any of it's features selectively... Famatec (RAdmin) falls short of actually creating a tool with enough control over it's various features.

In a corporate environment it is normal for application admins to be able to support and maintain their applications by having remote console access to the server. To keep the app. admin from creating an outage on the server or unintentionally damaging the OS during their maintenance you would limit their ability by setting appropriate security on registry keys, file permissions and a logon that assigns that limited access.

RAdmin bypasses all of these OS security settings by allowing anyone that has been given the ability to remote control the screen to also reboot/shutdown the server from the RAdmin interface. This could only be considered a flaw in the design of the software.

Though they have provided the ability to control every other feature within the software, the reboot feature is blatantly missed. Not only do they admit that it would have been logical to include that feature but they have refused to include a patch for the existing version and no fix for their next version.

This is obviously a company that has not sold to, in the past, and will probably lose in the future, large corporate customers.
The RA software is ideal for anyone who needs a no nonsense application that gets the job done. Those of us without large coporate budgets and minimal staff (non profit and eduational) find this product GREAT!!!.

By the way will 3.xx support XP???. We might get some money soon....
The RA software is ideal for anyone who needs a no nonsense application that gets the job done. Those of us without large corporate budgets and minimal staff (non profit and eduational) find this product GREAT!!!.

By the way will 3.xx support XP???. We might get some money soon....
one word.... *ShhhhhhhhMUCK*.

you are 100% wrong.

1) radmin allows you to reboot... (it's there, and in the obvious place... ("shutdown>resart"))
2) system policies, such as those you suggested for some hypothetical "application administartor", are NOT the problem of the remote viewing app... that's the system's job... get the app admin to log in with his own username and he will have to abide by the standard domain restrictions. granted, term services has an advantage in that sessions run in parallel, but that' adds a very large system layer that would make the whole product about 10X larger... perhaps radmin should have a mutex that, at the installer's discretion, prevents MULTIPLE clients from radmining a machine at the same time, so that one person can finish, log off the system and close the radmin session, but even this, while more practical, assumes that ARBITRARY people are radminning some machine... (ex some domain controller).... should EVERYONE have such access rights? I don't think so... more like ADNIMISTRATORS only; but then they could already do these things...

3) you CAN disable/enable any/all of the features selectively, as i was describing above... by authenticating against nt, you can explicitly define who can do what... you can specify that only a certain group or person can use the shutdown list (restart, shutdow, switch off, etc) or who can telnet, etc...

4) radmin IS used in large corperate environments. I use it and have two lackeys who use it, to wrangle ~250 machines of various flavors.

that said....

YES. more nt-based security options would be nice... like file-transfers that respect ntfs rights and the previously-mentioned private sessions... but not at the expense of file size. IF IT GETS ANY LARGER THAN a floppy I WON'T BUY IT. I'll stick with an old version I would rather use a tight lean attractive and functional-where-it-really-counts application than a 40mb version of pc anywhere.
Well, as far as an enterprise tool, we have close to 45,000 users world wide. RAdmin is our answer for that! I guess we don't qualify as an enterprise corporation :p

Enough said.
Agreed it is not an enterprise tool. It is a very cheap and cheerful remote access tool for controlling a ver limit number of hosts
If you don't want RAdmin Viewer user to have a right to shutdown computer where RAdmin Server is running, you should create user profile named "NoShutDown" on the server which is to be viewed via Viewer. This user profile should belong to "Power Users" or "Users" group.

Then you should go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Local Security Policy (or run "%SystemRoot%\system32\secpol.msc /s" without quotas in the command prompt). Open Local Policies->User Rights Assignment sub-tree. Find "Shut down the system" policy and double-click it. Uncheck "Local Policy Setting" checkboxes alongside all groups except "Administrators". This will restrict shutdowning the system to everyone except administrators. Now click "OK" button to apply changes. Do the same for "Force shutdown from a remote system" policy and other rights your customers should not have.

Now you can log on as "NoShutDown", run RAdmin Server as an application and no one will be able to shutdown your server via RAdmin Viewer.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
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