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Radmin CS Wish List, Things I'd Like For CS
I Think CS Is Great But Needs A Few Things IMHO:

1) I Love The Idea Of The Channels, One Problem I See Is That In Order For Them To Be Useful (At Least For Us) Would Be The Ability To Create Peristing Channels

Example: Being Able To Create A Permanent Channel Called #SalesTeam And Use NT Groups To Determine Who Has Access To Use This Channel, And Who is An Operator Within That Channel. When The Users Connect They Are Automatically Placed Into That Channel.

2) The Client UI Is Slated Towards Having Multiple CS Servers. Cs By Default Should Have A Simple Single Server Configuration, When CS Client Is Started Connect To The One Server Automatically.

3) I Don't Want My Users No PICK A Chat Name, I'd Like Either To Use Their Domain Login Or Their "Real Name" From AD.

4) The Ability To Float Conversations Or Channels. Carrying Five Conversations Is Easier (For me) When I Have Individual Windows Floating.

5) File Transfers
The Ability To Transfer A File To Another User, And Possibly To Actually Save A File In A Persisting Channel (Kinda Of Like A Mini File cabinet, Where The Files Would Be Stored For x Days/Hours and Then Automatically Removed)

File Transfers Should Be From User To User, Unless Direct Connection Can't Be established (Due To VPN For Example) Then It It Should Be User -> Server -> User

(Yes I realize That Its An IM Solution And Not A File Server, Just The Same I'd Like To Be Able To Do it)

6) The Ability To Log Conversations At The Server, I Understand It Can Be Done at The Client, But I'd Like To Log All Conversations At The Server, Perferably In A SQL Database But I'd Settle For HTML If It's Organized Efficiently (trying To Find A Specific Conversation From A Week Ago In A 100 Meg HTML File Would Be Cumbersome At Best)

7) Mixed Security Model

8) Support To Work Over IIS/SSL (Web Service)

9) A Windows Mobile Version Would Really Be Cool


Being Able To Have A Private Chat Yourself May Be Useful When Conducted In Your Own Head But Doesn't Make Sense In An EIM Solution.

Any Thoguhts?

I definitely agree on most of these facts.

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