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An extra efficiency would be an option to have the stretch-view compress on the server side. And if the CPU is up to it, it could even do bilinear/bicubic scaling so that it is actually readable =)

Of course this would be moot for me, if I could get my Radmin client window to go full screen on a secondary / tertiary monitor.

I really like eSVNC, (it does this), but for some reason it BSOD's my server. I'm seriously considering cracking open the code (to eSVNC, which is open source) and fixing it myself, but I think I'll wait to see how well Radmin 3.0 is doing before I do so...
eSVNC BSODs my server as well, which is a shame since it also does lossy (jpeg) compression, which seems to be an order of magnitude faster...
I'm just hoping for that bilinear scaling, even if it's done on the client side.
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