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Portable Radmin Viewer, U3 Smart USB Drives
I have just purchased a 4Gb SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive which comes with U3 Smart Technology. This device allows U3 compatible programs to run from the USB Drive including your profile, desktop, etc. You just plug it in to any win 2000 or XP(SP2) and you have what looks like your computer. It comes with some programs such as a version of Skype.
The question I have is can you consider a version of Redmin Viewer that would be U3 compatible? That way all I need to do is carry my USB Drive in my pocket instead of my laptop. I can go to any computer plug in the drive and access the servers.
The U3 address is: with links to developer info. There is also info on the SanDisk website.

I also agree. today I have to go to any other machine, download the viewer,and re-configure the servers in the viewer.

I have another utility on my U3 dirve that when I connect to my home machine it automatically syncs the profile and then I can use it on any other machine. This is a great behaviour I'd like to have in RADMIN
Agreed. A U3 version of RADMIN would be great!
I just found this utility call Package Factory online that lets one convert an application into a U3-compatible file:

It notes that it doesn't work all the time and if the app uses the registry too much, it night not work.

I ran Radmin through it and found that, while it does indeed run from the USB key, it still seems to use the registry of the lcoal computer and so does no more than the "portable" version of RAdmin that Famatech already has available for download.

A true U3-compatible version would keep all the phonebook and other registry-centric information on the USB key and thus leave no remnants at all on the client machine.

Still hopeful...
It took me some time to research all the required path variables and settings to get it to work directly from within the U3 Launchpad.... but finally... it works! :)
I've created a complete u3p package that is ready to be installed via your launchpad. Basically I only created a littel batch file that collects all the needed path variables from the U3 stick and added some required command line parameters to radmin.exe. Then made thabatch an exe file.. and voila.. it works. :)

Download it here:
While this is really great news, it would be helpful if someone could confirm the file is malware free.

I'm no expert in PC security, and please excuse my abundance of caution, but after many years of this forum being available, Rick Rock just registered today and posted this u3p file.

Perhaps it would be useful if Rick would post the batch file and instructions so we could recreate the u3p file from our own radmin.exe executables.

Again, please pardon my paranoia. I certainly greatly appreciate the the effort Rick has put into creating this solution.

But it's a crazy world we live in.

Thanks for understanding.
Well, I do understand your concerns. But even posting the batch here wouldn't be a waranty for the program being clean. I'm sure somebody else here but me can do a deeper check on the program to verify it is clean.

I actually was in need for an U3 version of radmin 3.3 Viewer myself, but couldn't find it.... so I started to dig around for how it could be done... and a few hours later I had it working.

It stores the profile on the USB stick as well... so it's really portable. That's what I always liked about the good old win3.11 times.... there was nothing like a registry or appdata folders... everything got stored transparently with the application.
But luckily Famatech allows commandline access to radmin, what enables usage of custom paths. And together with U3 specific variables and path-handling it is now fully portable. If anyone wants to use it for non-U3 portability, just rename the file to .zip, unpack it and upload the files to your normal usb stick.
Edited: Rick Rock - 08.02.2009 18:22:59
I have extracted the files from the u3p package and scanned them for viruses and malware. I can confirm that they are clean.

I have not yet installed and tested the package on my jump drive. I will try to post back when I have done so.

I've installed and tested this RAdmin U3P package, and it works great!

Furthermore, you can take your existing phonebook (export it if need be) and copy it to G:\System\Apps\B1D87751-EA5F-4595-8A0C-5FA49051CFCB\Data\radmin\rpb\radmin.rpb (this was the location on my jump drive; it may be slightly different on yours) to take all your phonebook entries with you.

Thanks for the legwork, TekServer.

And a BIG thanks to Rick Rock for his contribution to the Radmin community. Much appreciated!

Now, if we can just find someone to convert this to a PortableApps package too ...

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