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Translation problem
I was writing a long message.

And when I hit the 'edit' button. It says 'time expired'.

!#$$%#@$%#%^#%^* - sorry

I will write with the notead and ctrl+c,v.
OK. Here we go.

I downloaded multilanguage files yesterday. And I've made up my mind translating the language file to my language.

I have experience in translating some applications and it seemed easy to me.

I translated dialog boxes and tested it on the r-viewer.

My language showed up on the menu. I selected it. And it said it needed restart of the r-viewer.

And what???? Nothing happened..

Now I guess there is some kind of code-inconsistancy check routines protecting from code-hacking.

So here's my suggestion.

If I send you the translated language file, can you do the process that will make it pass the verification?

Or direct me what I can do?

Maybe you could post the language file on the web site, too. and you will gain extra market to sell your program.

What do you think about it?

p.s. I'm S. Korean(1042).
Kim, currently we're in the process of localizing Radmin to Korean language. We hope to release it this month.
Besides, within 2-3 months there will be Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Thai and Malaysian languages.
Kah~~ :|

alright, I see.
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