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Iphone Client
I have seen on the webapps now they have a vnc clone type thing. It works (not great thou). I was wondering if there was any consideration of radmin doing a quick iphone client?
at least a client that would reboot servers would be much appreciated, maybe not the full blown remote control
I think the the chances of Famatech doing a radmin version for Mac OS, are about the same as hell freezing over. So i wouldnt hold your breath for an iphone client.
Indeed, an iphone client would be great!
i agree!
I'd be happier with a Windows Mobile client myself ...

;) I know Radmin doesn't have an iPhone client but is it possible to at least use some of the remote control features via iSSH or a similar program?

Either I'm too stupid to know why that's impossible or I'm too stupid to figure out the configuration settings.

Any help would be appreciated.
Count me in..

(Eugene, check me on this ... )

First of all, it's not a matter of stupidity at all! Network communication protocols make for a fairly complex topic.

As I understand it, RAdmin uses a proprietary communication protocol (and possibly proprietary encryption as well) . So for ANY client to be able to communicate with a RAdmin server, that client has to "speak the same language". (Just pointing a SSH client at port 4899 instead of 22 won't work.)

So until Famatech (or some really brave an enterprising third party programmer) writes a client that will run on a mobile platform (iPhone, Windows Mobile, whatever), we're out of luck.

True story. Nobody can actuallly create a Radmin viewer without our code.
Shoot darn!

I figured (after having tried every iteration and combination of SSH, VNC and Telnet) that a propitiatory viewer maybe what I was up against.

I guess now I'll just wait with baited breath for the iPhone app.
Please let me know when it is there!!! I thought it would be somethign that would have worked. Perhaps I got the wrong phone :(.

Count me as wanting it as well.

iPhone rocks! I want Radmin fro it too!

P.S. Since I am teh moderator here and I own iPhone, iPhone threads are not an advertising :)
I know of several people that would jump on an Radmin iPhone app!

I checked out the Plans page, but the info is so generic there, it's impossible to figure out what might be in the pipeline.
Given how long it took to get a version that worked on Windows 7 I figure an Iphone app should be ready around Christmas - 2020!!!

Come on Famtech, keep up with what your cusomers want, dont bore us with 'Wanted' campaigns, the Iphone is here to stay, your competitiors know that and are yet again leading the way!
Cmon, the Earth won't survive 2012...
With more of our datacenter team moving to personally-managed mobile devices, we're mostly all going iphone. As a result we're slowly transitioning from radmin to vnc. I can either troubleshoot quick issues instantly, where ever I am, or I have to stop what I'm doing and find a computer with an internet connection. Easy choice. You guys need a good iphone app about as much as anyone. Remote access has no future if it's not a mobile future.
Any word on Android support? Not an iPhone hater, I have both phones :)
iphone , ipad ,android, mobile pc, mobile phone
id like to see a java enabled cliant can login to a sight / app and connect remotely to someone. i do like the standalone cliant thats great for ez running on pc. would be cheaper than everyone getting a notebook (200dollars or so)
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
Cmon, the Earth won't survive 2012...
Stranger things have happened!

Any how what about an api for the Droid
I would find use for an iPhone client as well. I already use RDP and it works well, so I would hope that if it does get developed, it is at least as intuitive as that. Though I would expect more from Famatech on this front honestly.
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