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[ Closed ] WinXP Version
I was hoping there will be a Windows XP version.

The Remote Assitance option in XP is great except you have to have a person on each side as it prompts to for allowance.
Many users do use Radmin under XP at the moment.

The only known XP-related problems are:

1. Radmin & XP's Remote Desktop/Remote Assistance interaction. The connection may fail if they are used together at the same time...
2. If you use User Switching under XP then Radmin will fail to connect correctly.

There are no known problems running Radmin viewer under XP.

Fully XP compatible version with some another features is being developed. Upgrades to 3.0 are free of charge for registered users. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about our upgrades/news/betas.


BEST PROGRAM !! Can't wait for new version
RAdmin works completely reliably for me with a mix of WinXp, Win2000 and Win98 PC's. It is so FAST !! I was using VNC, but this is far better, especially the File Transfer function .. FANTASTIC ;}
Have been using Radmin undex WinXP-Pro for about a year, controlling 98/NT2/Win2k Pro + servers with no problem what so ever.

- Exporting the Phonebook could be a bit easier (now must use (REGEDIT)

- Looking forward to V3.0

Keep up the great work.
I have been playing with ver2.1 on a few XP, 98 and a Win2kproServer and have had very few problems - only one in fact.

Occasionally the viewers pc runs at 100% cpu and slows down dramatically when in stretch view. If you can change the view (very hard with a slow and jerky mouse) it's ok again. I changed the refresh rate to something different and this semms to have rectified the problem.

Otherwise seems fantastic and I might deploy across the network to save me funning up and down the stairs!
And don't forget using RAdmin in XP you don't get that "drag ghost" icon when you drag your icons.
Just a minor lack of a feature for XP, IMO.

But I'm getting %50 CPU usage in XP while it's just idle with only 4.5KB upload and 5KB download bandwidth. Stays around %50 even running a distributed computing client set at low or normal priority.
I have RAdmin running in WinXP Pro but I can't hide the icon from the systray. I configure it in the settings but not work. How I can do it?
New settings are applied when Radmin Server is restarted. Just restart Radmin Server to see effect.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech Support Team (
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