Better Portable Radmin Viewer v3.2


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Better Portable Radmin Viewer v3.2
I have created a more portable version of the Radmin 3.2 Viewer that is truly one single click EXE.

I works just like the portable ZIP version Famatech provides except you do not have to unzip their package. With my version, you just run the EXE and Radmin runs. Everything is cleaned up after running (except for the radmin phonebook in the %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Radmin folder).

If anyone is interested (including Famatech), please let me know and I will post where to download (with additional details).
Sounds good! I'm a long-time RAdmin user, and I maintain a "cocktail" of portable tools for use on customer systems. Your creation sounds like a good addition. So I for one am interested in more details and a download link.

Here is a link to the download and details:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via the forum.
Call me crazy but... I've been using the radmin viewer exe that you have to "install" from this site all by itself for some time now. I just copied the exe from the program files after install to my thumb drive and it works on computers that don't have it installed. I haven't tested all the features to make sure they all work, however, so far in everyday use it hasn't failed me yet.

What would be nice with a truly portable version is one that you uses a encrypted local directory client list so i don't have to recreate my client list and leave traces of the list on random computers.
Edited: Russell Manning - 17.11.2008 07:35:27
If you are talking about the ZIP Famatech provides. If you extract that to a USB drive, you can run from there. Just create a shortcut and pass the command line parameter to the viewer for the phonebook path.

Otherwise, with my single EXE version, just save your Radmin phonebook (located in the %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Radmin folder) to the USB drive. Then when you launch my package, switch the location of the phonebook to the USB drive location.

Let me think about seeing if there is a better way to achieve this though. Radmin supports sending a phonebook on the command line. I would have to use a different packaging tool that would support either a command line parameter, or has the ability to pass the current environment (ie current directory) onto my wrapper. I just cannot do it with the tool that I used for packaging the application.
Edited: John Ward - 17.11.2008 17:03:21
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