Simultaneous access: remote and local user


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Simultaneous access: remote and local user

Does Radmin enable me to remote access my user account simultaneously with a local user working on his user local account?
Windows Vista, LAN

Thanks in advance
If you're asking if you can work remotely while a local user works on the console, in two different sessions like Terminal Services or Citrix, the answer is no.

Radmin just gives you remote access to the console session. For multiple virtual sessions, you are pretty much limited to Terminal Services (on a server, not the RDC in XP or Vista) or Citrix, AFAIK.

Thanks for prompt answer. Yes, you're right, I'm asking for access to different sessions(terminal server) - so it is not possible with Radmin.

Besides Windows server or Citrix I noted also much cheaper XP Unlimited. I don't know how well it works. I have also found the patch for vista's termsrv.dll (unofficial and I'm afraid of using it).
I haven't seen XP Unlimited before; it looks promising. (I may give it a bench test when I get a chance...)

As for the unofficial Vista "patch" (a crack, really); when I searched for that the first link was on Pirate Bay. Not a promising start. I'd be very careful with that, and my "official" recommendation would be to use it on non-production "bench-test" type machines only, for "educational" purposes.
(Not that the M$ police are likely to come after you unless you are with a large corporation with multi-million, or -billion, dollar budget for IT; but is it really worth the risk?)

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