Add Wake-on-LAN to Radmin Viewer


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Add Wake-on-LAN to Radmin Viewer, Add Wake-on-LAN to Radmin Viewer
It would be really nice if Radmin Viewer had the ability to wake computers up from an off state.

I could see it working most effectively in two ways:
1. Whenever Radmin Viewer connects to a workstation it will record its IP and MAC address.
2. Whenever the 'Scan for Active Servers (F5)' option is run, Radmin Viewer will scan all connections in the radmin phonebook and retain their IP and MAC addresses if available.

With that information, Radmin Viewer then could easily be able to use the Wake-on-LAN feature. :idea:

Thanks for such a great program! Made my life a lot easier BTW.
This would only work if all the computers you connect to are part of your local subnet. MAC address's are non-routable because they are layer 2 only, thus this feature would only benefit a small subset of their customers.

However, they already offer a better more universal alternative in which I have tested and used. AMT and AMT's latest development of vPro works well for what your looking to do. There is a little more setup involved but the features available with this technology are much more sophisticated and the feature your looking for is available in Radmin already.
Edited: Russell Manning - 23.04.2009 06:57:20
AMT has a lot of potential, but it is by no means a universal technology. (Heck, there are even a few of us odd ducks out here that still prefer AMD chips!) ;)

WOL, on the other hand, though not nearly so sophisticated, is EVERYWHERE; I haven't seen a MB in 15 years that doesn't have it.

All that aside, recording the IP and MAC addresses when connecting to a machine would be a simple feature to add (viewer side logging, period, might be a good idea). I could see that being useful far beyond just the WOL/AMT stuff.

Haha, yes it is true that AMT is Intel specific. I should have said far reaching instead of universal. I imagine that AMD will come up with something offering similar features that can operate in layer 3 (Unless they want to maintain their loss of presence in the business class workstation environment).

Sorry, but every company I've came across in the last 3 years while consulting is running dell workstations and a mix of Dell and other servers with primarily Intel chipsets so I begin to forget about what is less common.

Anyway, WOL is a great widely supported option if you’re working within one subnet for all your cold bootup needs. I could swear that Radmin used to have an option to create your own command strings to run against selected computers because I used to use that for WOL myself. I also used a different program awhile back that I would leave on auto scan 20min at a set interval against your local subnet to check for new devices and their MACs. I'd let it run for a week and then export the MAC list and batch out scheduled WOL or use it directly within that program if I was onsite to do it. However, I can say from experience that maintaining a relevant MAC list can be a cumbersome and tedious task when you work with companies that have implemented computer replacement cycles and/or have large networks that aren't all handled by a small group of people that know what is where and when at all times.
Yes, I should have been a little more clear with the request. The Intel AMT would be nice to use, but we've got a heap of old workstations. In addition, the AMT workstations are generally more expensive and I just don't see a benefit to using it unless the workstations are at a remote location.
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