full screen mode shutdown by voice chat


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full screen mode shutdown by voice chat

upon opening voice chat, the full screen mode gets shutdown and becomes normal mode instead. As I cant see any advantage in this kind of behaviour I guess its a bug? Please fix it.

kind regards

Could you please attach a screenshot?
a screenshot? It goes from full screen mode into normal mode by pushing the voice chat button. Thats all.
Does it return to the "normal' mode the same way if you click "normal mode" manually, or window is positioned differently at the screen? (click "n. mode", click full screen then click voice chat and compare)
"Does it return to the "normal' mode the same way if you click "normal mode" manually"

I actually contacted developers and they answered that it is "working as intended", sorry for the delay. (I don't have any comments yet, only that it is an intended feature).
I've noticed this "feature" before when opening a File Transfer window in a similar manner to what Susan described. I suspect that this is the intended behavior because when RAdmin (either View Mode or Full Control Mode) is set to Full Screen, it won't let any other window jump in front of it to get focus, so the Full Screen View has to be reduced to Normal View in order to give the new window (File Transfer, Voice Chat, or whatever) the focus.

Thats is true, developers confirmed that full screen should be always on top (to cover Windows panel).
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