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Central Administration Console
I'm missing a central Admin console for RAdmin. It should be one central place for managing the clients RAdmin-Settings.

My requirement for such a Console is to centrally manage permission settings:

theres one key-user in the finance-department who should support other employees in this department. Therefore I want to group the Clients in the central admin console and add the full control permission for this user to this group.
Beside this permission, IT-Support should have full control permission to all clients.
And, it should be possible to map one client to more groups (for nested permissions and different key-users for differnt applications).

Additionally, I need the feature to do an audit of the settings to verify which user has access to which clients.
Most of these settings could be done via NT security.
But doing it with NT-Security is very uncomfortable - or we're doint it in a wrong way.

Is there a documentation or best practice guide available?
Not really.

I've added your wish about a central control panel to our wishlist.
any news about the centralized managements of permissions ?
We need this feature and i don't want to leave radmin.....
@Cisto Mozo: Seems that we have to even I don't want to.......
We plan to improve permissions managements in our next major release, ETA is not available. Next release will be a major overhaul and most wishes will be implemented.
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