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Radmin on iPad & Xoom, are you working on it ?
is this coming soon ?
No ETA available yet.
We're also very interested in an iPad/iPhone client.
Working on it!
Any ETA yet? I'll be a Beta tester, if you need one. I'm getting heat because I refuse to use anything but RADMIN in my shop... However all I hear is, VNC has a client.
No ETA yet (
Any ETA or progress on this yet (Even which Quarter to expect it?)
No ETA. Not in this year I think.
:( Why not? 15 million iPads and counting, all roaming. Our company has used Radmin for 7 years but we are all getting iPads now for out of office work and need to log into the office. that's about 30 licenses just from us, that will have to move to a different solution. I imagine the same is true for quite a few of those 15 million, your missing serious business guys.
I have iPad too, I feel your pain.
Judging by how long it took to release Radmin v3.x after it was announced (over 5 years) and some promised features still haven't been implemented yet (over 9 years), I wouldn't hold your breath.

Edited: Chris Nicola - 07.11.2011 09:43:39
Any progress on IPad implementation?
The whole world is waiting...
Not any soon :(
We have over 100 licenses purchased with all of our support staff moving to mobile devices. Most notably, ours are the iPad and Transformer. RAdmin viewer support would be awesome.
True, more and more people are using tablets and wanting to remotely connect to their PCs. It's an awesome opportunity for someone to develop a viewer for that. The only reason I can imagine Famatech is so easy in passing up this opportunity is because they are already filthy rich from existing Radmin server software and they just can't be bothered. Why they don't employ more programmers is also beyond me. And it's true, there aren't any new versions out. The newest one is already old and many useful features still missing. Such a pity.
Edited: Perplexer Perplexer - 27.01.2012 11:20:16
We are working on it, don't worry.

We need you to step up progress on this project. I have directly sold hundreds and hundreds of Radmin licences as Tech. dir. Of two companies. I have recommended the purchase of 5 times that to companies who bought directly and I continue to convert people to e understanding that Radmin is vastly superior to RDP clients and VNC in multiple ways. Those who understand a quality solution understand and buy Radmin. Indeed I am to quote another 20 user licence tomorrow to a huge multinational 'energy producing' company.

This week alone I have configured over 200 iPad VPN end points to various organisations networks and right now I am typing this message on an iPad using a really crummy nfree RDP client. I can't drag and drop, I can't right click and I can't cut and paste the clipboard. I am about to buy all the available RDP clients and choose one to recommend. I really really wish I was recommending Radmin - which is my only recommendation for Windows systems.

If I could be showing these peope an iPad version of Radmin I know it would be selling like hot cakes! Forget file transfer, forget Telnet, DOS prompt etc. Just make your viewer client for the iPAD. Charge for the viewer at 4.99 RRP and you will sell hundreds of thousands in very short order.

Please make sure you include the ability to set the screen refresh to 10 per second ( that as a default would be nice) because 80% of the usage will be WAN and 10 updates per second works well, 100 screws up both client and server performance. When i recommend Radmin I wlaways tell my end user this change MUST be made to have a good experience. I have told you guys this in the past. Can anyone join in on this point?

Please carry on developing but please just get the main requirement sorted. We would love to have Radmin server on an iPad and iPhone for convenience but I believe that Apple are blocking this. Get over this And just get a client sorted out and skip all the file access stuff which I believe is also Apple trouble. A Radmin client ASAP will enable me and the thousands like me to use and recommend Radmin as the iPad via VPN to office computer as the secure, super fast and reliable answer as it has always been in the PC to PC/server world. Do make sure that tap, hold and drag works and well as tap and hold for 1500ms for right click work and you'll fly right to the top of iPad remote clients where you belong.

If you need help, contact me on the email adds attached to this forum account.


John Fenoughty
We have a working prototype, which is very fast and smooth. However the release of iOS/Android version is bounded to our next major release (that is inevitable by technical reasons). I hope that we can release it this year.

Any update on this?

Its really the only missing peice of the puzzle..

We're at the point were its either.. raadmin finds a way to support/run on IOS/Andriod.. or we use a different remote tool..

I really want to stick with Raadmin.
I think this year / 1st quarter of 2013
I am very excited. Thanks for this update. We all expects it.
do you have a more specific date to come up with by now? as all others want to stick with Radmin, but its getting hard..
I apologize, but we don't have ETA yet.

It's a shame, but we can't wait any longer.

We've moved all our mobile staff to another app
Edited: Eugene Idzikovsky - 09.11.2012 03:58:38
This has been such a long time. Still no update regarding this? I guess I have to wait for at least 3 months, right?

how can you not have a ETA by now??? there have been people asking for this for atleased 2 years, so you should have a developement plan by now. is it lack of programers that you are missing?

ut is unfortunate for us also, we cannot wait anylonger and will have to move over to other solutions when we can't even get a ETA for this. there are a few hundre licenses you will loose from us.
We have an internal ETA, but currently we do not share it. As soon as our marketing dept make a decision to share ETA, we do that.
I have personally converted to Ipad4 and Iphone5 for Christmas from crackberry.
I have a MS7 laptop and my office desktop PC uses MS. I use radmin from laptop to office, but find I will do away with laptop ASAP and use Ipad4.
What can I do to access my office PC?
For the moment I would very much suggest AccessToGo on iPad and iPhone. It's a free app that works through RDP protocol (built into Windows).
Edited: Perplexer Perplexer - 27.12.2012 15:49:22
Hello Eugene,

please let us know if there is any progress, any estimation..

Thank you !
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