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Radmin on Android, Release Date??
I trust you are working on Radmin for Android and iPad.
Any idea when it might be released?
I cannot provide any ETAs :(

I see this topic is two years old, any development since? :-)
Would be lovely to remote control windows from phone!
I have same question. Any chance for RADMIN for Android?
I would also be interested in a version for Android (especially a client version, controlling my Android device remotely isn't really interesting to me... but being able to control a PC from my Android device is really interesting). See Teamviewer for example, they offer this option and they do it quite well, but unfortunately their plans for certain usage are really expensive.
We are currently working on this version of Radmin for Android devices, but ETA is not available yet.
Great, this would be a really nice addition! If you need a beta tester, I would love to help. 2 Android phones and one pad to test with...

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Me too...
Applying for beta testing!!!
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I guess there's much more interest for an Android client version than the 2-3 users that have posted here. I hope such a version is not very far away. It would be really helpful.
Count me in for an android version. I also woudl be interested in being a beta tester
I have been waiting for the Android app for Radmin since 2010, and four years later nothing of the sort has been released.

It seems unless people speak up to let the Famatech guys know there is a demand for such a product, they will do as they have and totally neglect this angle of support.

Please consider this my official request for an Android app. Thank you!
I started this topic back in May 2011 and am a loyal daily user of Radmin who has been waiting for an Android version of the client.

Is there actually any development for an Android version or has it been shelved?
If it is going ahead what is the ETA on release?
It will be released after 4.x, ETA isn't available yet.
Hi Eugene,
Thank you for the reply. I do hope we see it this year as you have indicated.

If you need a tester with Radmin experience please let me know.

Regards, Grant...
I has been checking this forum since a couple of years ago, waiting for good news.

I’m not just interested… I NEED radmin for Android!

I’m waiting on
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I would also be interested know the radmin androind status! Is there any latest news about it? I'm an employee at accounting essay writing service( and I hope this year there might be any changes in radmin!
:?: :?: :?: March 2015. Still no android version?
Any update?
There`s a kind of "Wine" for Android devices in the making. The name is "crossover".


The downside: The android device has to use an Intel processor. Also there´s 2MB RAM recommended.

Personally, I own an Intel based Asus ME302C. Depending on when, if and at what price (currently it is announced as "Free";) that android software will be available I might give it a try with Radmin and report here. (No promises though.)
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Hello Famatech,

Can you inform us on the progress that is made in the development of the Android viewer app for Radmin? This would be very helpfull for many users I bet! And in over 5 years there must be some kind of progress I presume.

We would love to hear from you!

Best regards,
Ronald de Groot
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It will be released soon.

As in, Half Life 3 soon. Expect to wait another 4 to 6 years...if not longer.
Sorry, I couldn't test Radmin on my android device.

When codeweavers finally released their crossover software (to run windows software on android intel devices) they raised the requirements to android 5. My device only has android 4.3. So no way....
Hello there. Any news about RA for Android?
No, there is no new information about Radmin for Android, we`re stiil working on it.
This is mockery... 7 years in this topic not even ETA for an android version of radmin, the best thing that famatech has to provide is windows 10 compatibility (and this only with the 3.5.2 version) yeiiiii.....................................................
In year of 2018 were all the competitors have apps for iOS, Android, even blackberry or windows mobile, famatech celebrates for windows 10 compatibility...unacceptable for a supposed enterprise level company....
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