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Wishes for next version
The file transfer window could use an upgrade.

- Tabbed folders in both local and remote panels.
- Ability to have "favorite" paths, stored for both local and remote PCs so you can select them from a menu and go directly to them. Also it would be nice if you could have "sets" of paths (where both the local and remote dirs will be set in one step) or groups (where multiple tabs will be loaded in both local and remote panels).
- Ability to change folders synchronously (when CDing into a folder in one location -local or remote- if this folder exists in the other panel, radmin could automatically CD to it too). This feature could be enabled/disabled via a button in the button bar.
-Tab linking (so when switching on a tab in one of the panels, the "linked" tab in the other panel will automatically be shown).
There should be a display mode "stretch but maintain aspect ratio", both in normal window and in full screen. In that, when you maximize the radmin window, only one dimension would be maximized, the other would be calculated in order for the remote screen's aspect ration to be maintained. The same should happen when you resize it of course.
Edited: Nick A - 20.01.2012 02:16:04
"There should be a display mode "stretch but maintain aspect ratio", both in normal window and in full screen"
Thumbs up, I am completely agree with you!
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