Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Support


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Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Support
Hi All - Just wondering if the current version of Radmin, 3.4, works in Win8 and Win2012? Both will be out in just a few months.
Edited: RPJ - 28.07.2012 07:56:40

Radmin will work with them when they will be released.
Now that Win8 is released, does Radmin support it? Thanks.
Win8 is not released yet actually.
Windows 8 (final code) was released for download a few days ago (i.e. the RTM is released), though not yet in retail sale channel (GA). Does anyone know if current version Radmin works with Windows 8? Will it require a new release? If so, is that being beta tested now? thanks.
Edited: Manuel Lopez - 18.08.2012 20:12:15
Radmin will support Windows 8 for sure.
Thanks, checking to see if current release of radmin works with win8, or if a new release is required.
Edited: Manuel Lopez - 22.08.2012 08:07:05
I have test Radmin 3.4 with Windows 8 Professional RTM and it works for the most part, however, full keyboard control is not allowing Alt-Tab to be sent to the remote keyboard. Even changing the group policy for accessibility doesn't fit it.

Also good to note, the mirror driver doesn't disable the Windows 8 glass (Win 8 doesn't actually have AeroGlass anymore, but offers a light glass effect on the taskbar).
It is actually like the same with Windows 7 Aero. Windows 8 looks great.
Hi All - Is there going to be an updated version of Radmin for Win 8 and Win Server 2012? Looking around on your products pages, I see no mention of support for Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. If there is a new version in the pipe, is there a time frame for it :?:
There will be a special version soon :)
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
There will be a special version soon :)
is the special version released?
Yes, a long time ago. Current version is 3.5 and it has full support for Win 8.
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