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Remote printing
Can you implement remote printing features in Radmin 3.0?
This package is perfect, works well using DSL and Satellite conection even when PC Anywhere and GoToMyPC will not work. However, Remote printing is a MUST if this product wants market share. Please make this a high priority as my customers all have needs for remote printing from their accounting server to offsite offices.
I must also agree with Michel, this is a much needed feature. Can't understand why it was not included in the product as of now...

looking forward and with 70+ clients i would consider swithcing if this feature were availble....
A suggestion for the meantime is to use a product called "FinePrint". This software has many uses, but one of them that applies here is that it will allow you to save your print jobs to a file. Then you copy the file using RAdmin to the remote machine. Finally, double-click the file on the remote machine, and FinePrint will load up the same dialog you had on your local machine, all ready to print. Click Print, and you're done.

FinePrint will let you queue up a bunch of print jobs, so you can send them all at once.

A few extra steps, but it's working great for me =)

I don't have any association with FinePrint, except that I've been a user of it for years now and it's a great product that I rarely see suggested for printing dilemmas.
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