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ActiveX Client
It would be great to have a web based client, like the ActiveX TSWeb client for terminal services.

Hi Famatech Support!

Please answer, it is very important for me.

I agree. A web based client would be awesome. Kinda like the one Windows Xp's Remote Admin. is setup. I'm thinking about switching programs...
There's no web interface for RAdmin, since it would be great security hole. Releasing web-based user interface would force endless attacks to your RAdmin Server from the Web and, most importantly, web traffic encryption is much poorer than internal RAdmin encryption, so passwords can be stolen.

That's why you must download RAdmin from our site and install it on your computers in order to use Remote Administrator. Anyway, we are constantly thinking about solution, so it may be developed later.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
I am going to have to play the BS card. It is not more of a security risk than that of opening the standard port for radmin. It still beggs to be attacked. You must only build a rock solid web app. And dont say web encryption is weaker than you are using. For the love of honesty you could use the exact same scheme on an activex webapp that you are using now. Why would you try to pull the wool over our eyes? There is no reason you couldnt build a web app with the same security levels you have in the standard client.
I agree with Kreft. There is no reason why a web interface shouldn't be created. Companies all over the world use web authentication without problems everyday! Yahoo!, E-Bay, Disney, the list goes on and on. A web port will be just as tempting as an "internal" port. If you are worried about security, than fix it. Make a web interface with strong encryption. Figure it out, that's not a problem for your customers to solve. Your excuse for not creating a web interface is a really bad one.
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