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Allow this connection countdown
I work in the EDP (Technology and System Administration) of a Bank.We have purchased Remote Admin. to take control of the PCs through out our domain,but some times it is vital (for security reasons mostly) that we connect to a pc without the user having knowledge.So the messagebox of the alert when we try to connect is really in the way.We have already tried to use the /setup option to cut off the option but the users keep putting it back on?How can we hide the alert countdown? Thanx
go into the server options and uncheck the "ask user permission".
If you are in an NT or 2000 environment, remove their permissions to the r_server.exe.
also, hide the tray icon. maybe they will think you uninstalled it.
lastly, enforce company policy. Send out a memo that anyone changing the settings us company software will be pink slipped, written up, repremanded, whatever. Then follow up on your memo.

We set up the system to hide tray icon then set the settings we like and the delete the settings option and everything from the start menu then they can not change settings.After it is set up the only executable you need is r_servr.exe
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