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Reduce number of windows
To access a remote PC, you need to open up the Remote Administrator window, then double click on the PC you want to connect to, which brings up yet another window.

So to control 1 PC, you'll have 2 windows running in your taskbar. Worse yet, if you close the first window by accident all other connections are closed as well.

I'd also like to be able to create a desktop short cut which will fire up the connection to that remote PC.

To me, this is the only major problem with Remote Administrator. Too many clicks, too many windows.

On a positive note, the connection speed is superb! I can even play pinball on a remote machine!!! Awesome. PCne-where would choke on this attempt.
You can create desktop shortcuts to different systems now, complete with connection mode, port#, username and password. Read your command startup options.
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