RADMIN support for connection via HTTP Prox


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RADMIN support for connection via HTTP Prox
As a consultant working on client sites, occasionally in need to access my server at work.

Unfortunately a few of my clients have HTTP Proxy systems that makes it impossible to connect to my server.

Can you add a feature that would enable me to define a HTTP proxy, userid and password for a connection. This would be immensley helpfull.

Many Thanks,

Yes, HTTP Proxies are a real pain !

Radmin is excellent, and has few limitations, but the
lack of proxy support means that it cannot be used to
access machines outside of many [most?] corporate networks.

Please, please can we have this in 3.0 ?
One thing I have done successfully to get through a firewall is to set up one Radmin server on port 80 on a little old Pentium 166 machine (without a web server of course). Then I can get to that and use it as a proxy (great Radmin feature) to access others internal on standard Radmin ports. I later persuaded firewall control to open up the default VNC ports (they can see the source and are less paronoid about that) and of course you can then use Radmin on those ports.

Post 22 (secure shell) or 20 (ftp data) are also suited and allowed by most proxies. Andbecause they're mainly used for binary data een content fltering proxies (such as Novell bordermanager) can't block it.
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