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Wish List 2003
Here's a list of ideas to improve Remote admin.
Please don't delete this time.

1. Show speed of file transfer.

2. Permit a queueing system in file transfer, so can add more files, while file transfer is transferring.

3. Permit telnet to execute dos programs properly.

4. Better interface.

5. Remember password.

6. I understand option to blank server screen will be implemented. An additional nice option, would be to leave their screen as is, but create a new instance of the screen for the remote admin. ie. the server user is completely unaware of the admin tasks being done.

**7. Permit server microphone to go to remote speaker.

**8. Permit server speaker to go to remote speaker.

**9. Permit 7 above + vice versa, letting remote and server users talk while guiding the server user as to what he doesn't understand in the app etc. he is using. Really useful for user support purposes.

10.Provide lots of server info to remote, as Remotely Anywhere does.

11.Permit remote to have full command line functionality. This would be helpful to automate certain tasks.

12.Aswell as option of declaring each computer in the server lan network, permit option as in pc anywhere where all remote servers connected to lan are listed, and remote can choose which one to connect to. This helps as remote can tell which server is turned on.

13.Permit remote updating of server.

14.It has been mentioned, but greyscale to speed up screen response would be nice.

15.Aswell as 7,9 above, text chat to server would be useful aswell for user support.

16.Permit network directories in list of local and remote file system, (for file transfer).

17.Permit sending updated server ip to optional:
a. email address.
b. icq number.
c. chat room (repeated every x minutes).
This gets rid of problem of dynamic ip servers, without centralising the solution.

Hope you consider implementing the above, as it would make Remote Admin into Remote Heaven!


Most of this will be in RAdmin 3.0
Option 6: Permit me to make changes on remote machines that I have installed the Radmin server without permission on. That way I can do things to their computer without them noticing the screen going blank or the mouse moving around.

option 7: Make it so I can use Option 6 to turn on the remote computer's microphone and listen to what everyone in the room is saying.

Option 13: Allow me to update the server on a machine I installed this on without their permission. (that way I don't have to actually physically sneak onto their computer to update)

Option 17: Have the server automatically e-mail, icq, post to chatroom, the IP address of the computer that I installed the Radmin Server on without permission. That way when i dupe someone into installing Radmin who is on Dial-up or a cable modem with dynamic IP it will automatically let me know that their IP has changed to I can take control of their machine again.

Though these options would probably be pretty cool.

Many Trojan Horse programs do similar things. Network Administrators and IT Security staff will see this as a threat. Many Admin's will start blocking Radmin traffic and disallowing it's use. This would OBVIOUSLY be bad for Radmin's future.

I'm not saying that YOU were planning to use the features you requested in that manner, but I AM saying that many people WILL use them for malicious means.

If we want Radmin to stay around and keep getting better, it needs to keep it's roots and not turn into a Trojan Horse program.

Just my Opinion anyway...
I get around the "dynamic ip" condition as stated above, using legit software. First I install ICQ on the server and create a router pinhole for port 4899. Since I use Trillian as a "chat" proggy, it DOES show the ip address of any connected ICQ client (not useable for msn, aim or yahoo, however)

So when I need access to a server, I look at its IP as displayed by Trillian and go log on! All other machines are found using thier computer name and the server as host. Very simple and elegant!
here's an idea....setup a scheduled task on the PC to launch Internet Explorer or netscape and have it load the URL of an IIS website that you administer. You can even publish the IIS logs through IIS and that way you can review them to obtain the computer's IP address.

Of course this is all a work around for people to cheap to setup DNS.

Good luck,
I got around the dynamic ip address by using a program called It creates a program on the server computer (with the dynamic ip) and every 15 minutes updates a website you create with its new ip address (if there is one). Then, just use radmin to connect to (or whatever). Formerly free service is now $17 a year. Try it, it works very well, and it means you don't have to keep track of changing ip addresses everytime you drop a connection. -Geoff.
one more wish:
is it possible to make the port 4899 accessible from internet explorer, like VNC can.
Now i have to download and install the remote viewer on every pc where i want to look to my monitor.
With internetexplorer acces i could do it every where.

>>one more wish:
>>is it possible to make the port 4899 accessible from >>internet explorer, like VNC can.
>>Now i have to download and install the remote viewer on >>every pc where i want to look to my monitor.
>>With internetexplorer acces i could do it every where.

Now out of all the things on the wishlist, I would like this the best. if this is implimented, I don't have to bring my laptop everywhere I go, just go into a internet cafe and fixe people's problems. Now that would be COOL!!
Use No-IP's Redirector Software To Lock In A DNS Name For Any Dynamic IP,..It's Free And Updates Automatically.
I would be fantastic if radmin could :

- remember password

- Transfert of existing files on destination PC should be possible like Windows does : "The file already exist : do you want to overwrite it ..."

thanks in advance
I would like to see either a client for Palm OS or the ability to manage through a browser (as mentioned earlier).

Now that 1X and GSM access is cheap I woul like to be able to use a PDA for remote admin.
I am sure some of these have been mentioned before

1 - autodiscovery of clients
2 - Wake on lan
3 - ability to create a packaged installation for easier deployment, maybe use MS MSI installation format or something
The nicest upgrade for me would be an online client, that way I could monitor my computer w/o having to install software. It would also allow access from the library (which only has macs anyway).
It would be nice if you could print out documents from the server side on the client side, so you don't have do download a file first and print it out, but just to have a printer on the server side with the Name "Radmin Printer" which is connected with the local printer.
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