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Security and other stuff
Hi ,

I'm an administrator of 2 Internet-Cafes which have games included and i have this realy big problem :
Some less educated clients came and opened 2-3 or more games at once and then they complain that the computer works badly.
I tryed to exlain that they opened to many programs but
it's more easy just to fix the problem , because they don't have time to listen for me. So if I see that the computer works suspiciously slow I inspect the working procesess and kill the unnecessary ones.

I will be the most happy user of Remote Administrator if you include in the next version:

- Ability to see processes running on remote computer, and ability to terminate certain processes whithout the users
to exit his active process(or stuff like send Alt+Ctrl+Del), I explained before why.

- Password to protect r_server from being killed
This is also necessary because when I supervise the remote computer from home and the malicious user knows his going to install some virus or a different suspicious program on that computer and the first thing he does is kill all procesess that protect or/and suvrveillance that computer.

- Better password management, so that unauthorized user(s) can't change local password
I have encountered a case when some custemer modified the password and the program actually worked against me not for me, and the so called hacker instaled some other programs who alerted me . So the smart thing to do is protect changes of the local password with the old password or some thing similar. This option is EXTREMELY necessary.
- Add an option to use IP or/and MAC address filters to make the product almost bullet proof

[ More options less important ]

- Show on the title bar Name of entry and the IP address of remote computer
- Add the ability to switch modes (ftp to full control) while currently connected to a machine
- On file transfer the ability to see how much free space is available and the posibility to change/view file attibutes.
- Add the ability to use in full control (only server side) and full control (shared)

I apreciate the time spend on reading this , and I thank you. Famatech team you did a great work so far , let's hope you can keep up with the needs of most users and make a product with many useful features .
I agree that the password stuff is needed. As for monitoring and shutting down remote processes, this is extremely easy if all of the PC's in your cafe are logging into a single domain (which you are logged into too).

Using VB.NET it's easy. Also, the Windows 2000 Resource Kit includes programs to do this for you.
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