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[ Closed ] Famatech announces a contest!
Dear Radmin users and site visitors!

As you know we are getting ready to release Radmin 3.0. By that event we would like to provide the new version with a bright, remarkable slogan reflecting essence and advantages of Radmin.

In this connection we are announcing a slogan contest. You can suggest your versions in this forum. An author whose slogan we will use promoting our new software version will be granted with a free Remote Administrator 3.0 license.

Elena Lysenkova,
Marketing & PR manager
Radmin, the best thing since the TV remote.
RAdmin: Born to be cool (fast, reliable etc...)
Radmin, Imagine the Freedom
It's all about remote!
Radmin, Keep Control, Stay Remote
"Radmin 3 Set yourself free"
" Be free, remotely, with Radmin 3"
"Do it remotely with Radmin 3"
As an alternative to some big IT company's slogan:

What do you want to control today
What do you want to see today
Remote Admin: "It's better than being there!"
Famatech's Remote Administrator the faster way to control your pc-anywhere!
Radmin, gate of the world
Radmin 3 - The Award Winning Choice For PC Remote Control!
Radmin 3 - The Award Winning Choice For PC Remote Control!
Radmin, Master Of The Remote Control
Now, remote controls have not limits.

Control Your PC! Anywhere! Anytime!

Control is in the hand of the beholder.

RAdmin 3; YOUR Control At YOUR Convenience

Control Something! RAdmin 3

Remote Administrator 3. When Control Is All You Need.

Don't let your PC control you. Control it, with RAdmin 3!

Wished you were there? Now you can be with RAdmin 3.

Now you CAN be in two places at once.

RAdmin 3; When being there is just not possible.

RAdmin 3; The Ultimate PC Remote Control

Remote. Control. Anywhere. Anytime.

Fast. Small. Remote. Control. Anywhere. Anytime.

RAdmin 3; The Best PC Remote Control Since Sliced Bread!

Control 1,000 PCs From 1 Location. Remote Administrator 3.

Why Go There? When You Can Control There.

Why Go There? When You Can Control There With Remote Administrator.

Don't Go There! Control It Here.

Don't Go There! Control There.

Stay Here. Control There.

Control There. Stay Here.

Control The World From One PC.

Controlling The World Has Never Been So Easy!

You Want Control? You Got Control!

Now You CAN Control The World!

Fast As Lightning. Small As Rain. Remote Administrator 3!

Fast As Lightning. Small As Rain. RAdmin 3! The Storm Is Here.

Fast As Lightning. Small As Rain. RAdmin 3! Control Your Storm.

Control Now, Think Later! With Remote Administrator 3.

Fast Control, Fast Productivity! RAdmin 3.

Productivity Made Easier. RAdmin 3. Control Something.
woops, darn typos.

Now, remote controls have no limits.
In a next future only two worlds: one connected with Radmin and another disconectado.

In the future only two worlds: one connected with Radmin and another one not.
RADMIN - remote control, total control....
Radmin 3.0 - why leave home?

Radmin 3.0 - GOING to work is just an option.

Radmin 3.0 - Rush Hour / Morning traffic is just a bad dream
and another one that you might not use, but its fun none-the-less :) :

"Radmin 3.0 - your co-worker doesn't use deodorant? not your problem anymore!"
radmin: distance is in your imagination
Moving cheeks, not admins!
<not too seriously meant, see NetOp :)>
Radmin, enjoy your day off!
Radmin, next best thing to teleportation
Forget slow remote! Feel local with Radmin
Remote is history! Radmin, bringing you local
Remote Administrator. Full Control. Now.
Remote Administrator. Full Control. Fast.
Remote Administrator 3.0 “Any where, Any time”
Remote Administrator 3.0 “Everywhere You Need To Be”
RAdmin: The REMOTE drivers seat!
Radmin: Remote admin at its best - K.I.S.
RAdmin - It's remotely like being their!
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