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[ Closed ] Famatech announces a contest!
Remote Admin, Now your desktop can be mobile
Enterprise level management - wherever you want it.

Simply Fantastic!

A whole new level of network computing.

Witness the future.

Remarkable power, in the wink of an eye.

Have no fear, Remote Administrator is here!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

Like nothing you've ever seen.

An iron-clad rabbit with HUGE TEETH!

Let your mouse do the walking.

God's gift to administrators.

It will be your friend.

Simple, fast, unmatched... Remote Administrator

Because live is to short to be without...

As if you where there...

The Swiss Army Knife for Admins

Saves at least 50% of your Admin-Time.

Remotly yours.

Totally remote...
The worst thing that can happen is forgetting that you are working remote ;-)

What do you mean "i am working remote"?

Use the power of internet to stay home. Radmin closest thing to being there

Almost faster then your own desktop

the only thing you'll miss is the Floppydrive

good luck
1) RAdmin, Remote control the world at your fingertips.
2) RAdmin. Why try anything else?
3) MOAR = Mother of All Remotes
4) Ease + Functionality + Inexpensive + Tiny Package = RAdmin
5) Unlike life, RAdmin is simplicity to the Xtreme.
6) XTreme Remote = RAdmin
7) Are you ready for RAdmin?
8) RAdmin, A MUST for the Toolbox for the Techie! (or without the mention of "for the Toolbox")
9) RAdmin, Don't leave home without it! <==borderline copyright infringement.
10) Try RAdmin. You can't live without it.

I've got more if you need it.

RAdmin: The other side of the office or the other side of the world..... in seconds......with total the touch of a button.
Radmin 3.0 - Don't leave work without it!
Extra strength remote support!

More fun than an RC plane!

Radmin, don't leave home....

New version 3.0!

Want to see me fix your computer? Want to see me do it again?

Technical support from the comfort of your own office!

Resolving All Data Maintenance Issues Now!

Super size support!

Need a raise? Suggest RADMin 3.0!

Tech support from the comfort of your bed!

Hang on mom, let me log in so I can help you fix your computer.

Thanks for the chance!
Terminal Server, $1200...
KVM over IP, $3000...
Remote Admin, $700 site license...

Why -drive- in when you can -RAdmin- in?

It's 2a.m., how fast can you get to your server?

Your servers are down, and you're at a conference 2000 miles away? No problem...

RAdmin, choice of a new generation...of geeks =)

RAdmin, a simple solution for a complex problem.

RAdmin, so simple your mom could use it...or your boss.
Evolution of PC Administration: sneakernet to RADmin Remote Control (no other possibilities exist!)
"RAdmin - Being at a system when you're really not there"
"RAdmin - Having the ability to be behind a computer, even if your hundreds of miles away."
"RAdmin - Like having access to a computer accross the country at your fingertips."
Radim 3.0-Get more control for less money

Radmin 3.0-Total Control, It just speaks for itself.

Radmin 3.0-It's not just about Remote Control, It's about power.
With Radmin U R admin.

Thanks for a great product.

Thank you for taking part in our contest. We have collected all suggestions. The winners will be announced on Friday.
Thanks again!
- CONTROL FREAK! = Radmin v3.0

- Be a Control Freak! Use Radmin v3.0

- How to better control your Minions.... Radmin v3.0

- Would you like fries with that... Radmin v3.0

- Do you have the following symptoms:
No control over your Love Life...
No control over Payroll...
No control over your Boss...
No control over your bladder...
No control over your Network....
We can't help you with your Love Life, or your Bladder, but we can help you control your Network - RADMIN v3.0

- Have you LOST CONTROL!... Get Radmin v3.0
Dear visitors!

Firstly we’d like to thank you for your ideas. They all are just brilliant! It was really very hard to choose only 5 from them.

We decided to award a prize to the following participants:

- Scram0 for “Radmin 3.0: YOUR Control at YOUR Convenience”
- Toni for “Distance is in your imagination”
- KevinF for “RAdmin: The other side of the office or the other side of the world..... in seconds......with total the touch of a button. “
- Sebastian Kim Morsony for “Love you chair? Use Remote Admin!”.
- Rick Buford for “It’s 2 A.m. how fast can you get to your server?”.

All of them will be granted with a free Radmin 3.0 license.

Dear winners, please send me your details for the future license registration: name; email; address.

And again – thank you very much for participating!!!
Radmin: Go home and enjoy work!
Radmin: Power, flexibility at YOUR PC!
Radmin: Help is just a click away!
Radmin: Security, control and convenience!
Radmin: Tomorrow's remote control technology, today!
Radmin: Remote control made simple!
Radmin: Size does matter!
Radmin: One to rule them all!
Radmin: Whether you are at work or home you can get the job done!
Radmin: Whether at home or the office, remote control was never this easy!
Radmin: Install and take control of YOUR life!
Radmin: We make life better!
Radmin: Control the way you work!
R emote
A dministration
D ude, what
M ore
I s
N eeded?
Remoting with Radmin is like playing video games.
Remote Administrator: "Virtually anything is possible"


"Remote administration as fast as in your dreams"


"Sick of going to work? Stay home then with Remote Administrator!"


"Ever wished you were there?"


"Possess your remote PC!"
Just for funs:

We are the Radmins, you will be controlled remotely, resistance is futile.
Access your PC from anywehre "RAdmn"
Remotely ADMINister from -- anywhere,anytime !
your PCs at your fingertips!
Ok, I just read that the contest has been closed and won. I'll post what I came up with anyways since the thread hasn't been locked yet. Besides, why ***** a potentially good/bad idea?

"Remote Administrator 3, the only tool that let's you work remotely locally."


"Remote Administrator 3, the only tool that let's you work locally remotely."
RemoteAdmin "It simply works Simply!"
Radmin, control the world from your keyboard
Its your office, its your desktop, NO its Radmin!

(the superman theme :) )
RAdmin 3.0- The MaTRiX of Remote Control Sofware
"Why be here when you can be there".
RAdmin, your best investment ever !!
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