Famatech announces a contest!


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radmin: distance is in your imagination
Moving cheeks, not admins!
<not too seriously meant, see NetOp :)>
Radmin, enjoy your day off!
Radmin, next best thing to teleportation
Forget slow remote! Feel local with Radmin
Remote is history! Radmin, bringing you local
Remote Administrator. Full Control. Now.
Remote Administrator. Full Control. Fast.
Remote Administrator 3.0 “Any where, Any time”
Remote Administrator 3.0 “Everywhere You Need To Be”
RAdmin: The REMOTE drivers seat!
Radmin: Remote admin at its best - K.I.S.
RAdmin - It's remotely like being their!
Remote Admin, Now your desktop can be mobile
Enterprise level management - wherever you want it.

Simply Fantastic!

A whole new level of network computing.

Witness the future.

Remarkable power, in the wink of an eye.

Have no fear, Remote Administrator is here!

Faster than a speeding bullet.

Like nothing you've ever seen.

An iron-clad rabbit with HUGE TEETH!

Let your mouse do the walking.

God's gift to administrators.

It will be your friend.

Simple, fast, unmatched... Remote Administrator

Because live is to short to be without...

As if you where there...

The Swiss Army Knife for Admins

Saves at least 50% of your Admin-Time.

Remotly yours.

Totally remote...
The worst thing that can happen is forgetting that you are working remote ;-)

What do you mean "i am working remote"?

Use the power of internet to stay home. Radmin closest thing to being there

Almost faster then your own desktop

the only thing you'll miss is the Floppydrive

good luck
1) RAdmin, Remote control the world at your fingertips.
2) RAdmin. Why try anything else?
3) MOAR = Mother of All Remotes
4) Ease + Functionality + Inexpensive + Tiny Package = RAdmin
5) Unlike life, RAdmin is simplicity to the Xtreme.
6) XTreme Remote = RAdmin
7) Are you ready for RAdmin?
8) RAdmin, A MUST for the Toolbox for the Techie! (or without the mention of "for the Toolbox")
9) RAdmin, Don't leave home without it! <==borderline copyright infringement.
10) Try RAdmin. You can't live without it.

I've got more if you need it.

RAdmin: The other side of the office or the other side of the world..... in seconds......with total the touch of a button.
Radmin 3.0 - Don't leave work without it!
Extra strength remote support!

More fun than an RC plane!

Radmin, don't leave home....

New version 3.0!

Want to see me fix your computer? Want to see me do it again?

Technical support from the comfort of your own office!

Resolving All Data Maintenance Issues Now!

Super size support!

Need a raise? Suggest RADMin 3.0!

Tech support from the comfort of your bed!

Hang on mom, let me log in so I can help you fix your computer.

Thanks for the chance!
Terminal Server, $1200...
KVM over IP, $3000...
Remote Admin, $700 site license...

Why -drive- in when you can -RAdmin- in?

It's 2a.m., how fast can you get to your server?

Your servers are down, and you're at a conference 2000 miles away? No problem...

RAdmin, choice of a new generation...of geeks =)

RAdmin, a simple solution for a complex problem.

RAdmin, so simple your mom could use it...or your boss.
Evolution of PC Administration: sneakernet to RADmin Remote Control (no other possibilities exist!)
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Radmin 3.5

Windows 8 Compatible


Free for 30 days


Only $49 per lifetime license
for  50 PCs - $29.8 per remote PC
for 100 PCs - $24.9 per remote PC
for 150 PCs - $23.3 per remote PC
from 200 PCs - $22 per remote PC
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