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[ Closed ] Famatech announces a contest!
Radmin - coming to you in 2004! If you're really really lucky! And you consider March the 15th month!
Radmin 3.0? Haven't seen it yet. How can I make a slogan for a product that doesn't exist?
Don't walk, RAdmin!
Remote Admin 3.0 - With a development time this long, it's GOT to be good.

Remote Admin 3.0 - Both of our developers agree, this is one heck of a stable program.

Remote Admin 3.0 - It's coming...sometime.

If you haven't tried Remote Admin 3.0, get used to waiting.

Remote Admin 3.0 - We wrote the book on floating development windows.
Radmin 3 - held up because we didn't like the icons, BAH!
Radmin - the best way to ***** your hope :D
RAdmin, the Movie "Hope Floats but so does S H I T"
"Remote Admin, Like a Bigfoot, only a few have seen" and no one believes it exists.
"RAdmin 3.0, like a Fata Morgana". It's everywhere and nowhere, simmering at the horizon, while we're delerious with thirst :)
RAdmin 3.0, Ghost In The Machine...
RAdmin 3.0, Could David Copperfield make it APPEAR? :)
RAdmin 3.0: It's about time.
RAdmin: Released
N????? :?: - please insert you own word cause I couldn't think of anything dcent
Just thought of one


IQ of
Nine ;)
"The Cold War is Over can't we all be Friends and have Remote Admin!"
Remote Administrator, Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow but it will happen! .. ALright it won't but wouldn't it be cool :) :D
RAdmin 3: Famatech is retarded
RAdmin 3, Maybe not today, And maybe not tomorrow but it will happen .. but it'll be quality. Just joking its vaporware. Radmin 3.0 - Can't get it now. ;)
Radmin 3 years of developpment :)

Radmin 3 billions lines code
I think it's going to be so damn expensive "if" it comes out, 3 years is a long time and a huge cost to develope a program :)
how about simple...

Radmin, Take Control.
Radmin: The crack is already out, now we need the damn prog
Radmin, It's better than being there !

Apologies if it's been posted before, bit tough wading over 5 pages of posts!
RAdmin 3: Well, hey, there's a beta viewer, right?
RAdmin 3: viewer in 2004, server in 2006
:| Hello, Remote Administrator is wonderfull, but how can to control a computer, when he is protected with password XP
>Hello, Remote Administrator is wonderfull,
>but how can to control a computer, when he
>is protected with password XP

You must know this password.

Best Regards,
Ilia Demenkov, Famatech support team (
how about:


We rip off our users and go straight from v2.1 to v3.0 - so we get more profits - you get less benafits.
LOL, i agree, you should have released some service releases in the 2.x range bofore jumping to V3.0, thats just not fair, and is designed to bypass your free upgrade plan.
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Radmin 3.5

Windows 10 Compatible


Free for 30 days


Only $49 per lifetime license
for  50 PCs - $29.8 per remote PC
for 100 PCs - $24.9 per remote PC
for 150 PCs - $23.3 per remote PC
from 200 PCs - $22 per remote PC
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