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[ Closed ] Famatech announces a contest!
Radmin 3: All your remote pc's are belong to us! :)
They are offering a free upgrade from 2.1 to 3.0 - for all users.

I agree though, they should have released some patches.

Chris A.
I thought it shrunk when he got mad?
What about this:
"RAdmin - No more walking!"
my :)

Remote adminstration - he got the whole world in is hand :D

gl every1
Between the Universe and you
By the way...

Contest is over for a few months now!
Radmin 3, "When you need to be in two places at the same time!"
Radmin 3, Don't hold your breath!
Radmin 3. You just have to wait!
Radmin 3!
The biggest floating timeframe ever!
Radmin 3, before hell freezes over!
You people have it all wrong!

It has nothing to do with icons, security, testing, protocols or anything like that. It all got to do with licensing. In version 2.1 you purchased a license and was supposed to be honest about it. If you purchased one client/server license you should only install it on one client and server but many people installed it on more machines than the license was for.

Now, in version 3.0 they are trying to keep you from doing just that. They have not found a working model yet. They are not sure how to do it. All they know is they want to lock the license to keep you honest. If you purchase one license you will only be able to install it on one client and server etc. This is whats taking so long. We can all complain and jump up and down but nothing will help. This is the way they want to move and that is it. It does not take a rocket scientist to read between the lines of all their feedback on these fourms to get the picture of what they are doing.

I'm not just an Admin, I am a RAdmin!
:D Radmin 3, it's not just vaporware
Radmin 3, release date to be announced soon by Pinocchio :!:
Famatec to speed up Radmin release date! Fred Karno has been appointed project manager!
Keystone Cops to Deliver Version 3 !!!
radmin 3 make you feel like you never left you computer at home or the office. radmin 3 keeps your computer's within reach of you anywhere, safely, securely, remotely, radmin 3. nothing eles does the job better.
- Radmin
Makes slogans pointless
Tomorrow, in your hands today.
Why ***** time with any other when you have Remote Administrator?
Right Here, Right Now - Radmin 3.0
RAdmin, when you donßt care about a release date.
RAdmin 3... Do you really have total control of your network?

RAdmin 3... Isn't it time you really get control of your network?
RAdmin 3 - "Having a wonderful time. Glad I'm not there"

Radmin 3- "Worth it's WAIT in gold"
Radmin 3. Just work.
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Radmin 3.5

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Only $49 per lifetime license
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for 150 PCs - $23.3 per remote PC
from 200 PCs - $22 per remote PC
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