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I have an ADSL connection at home with DHCP, i havent gotten new ips alot, but lately i have been getting new IP every couple of months.

This is of course a problem, since i have to tell everybody to change IP in the IP filter option (wich is according to me the best security feature).

A nice feature would be to be ablt to add a DNS name. Everytime someone connects it first checks the IP`s list and if none is correct it starts to resolve the dynamicDNS names. Im sure this would be fairly easy to implement?

Also it would be nice to be able to restrict locally for example a C net, 192.168.0.* or* Instead of IP only or the whole C net.

the best security is a complex password, why filter where you can use your pc from, you NEVER know where you may be when you need onto your PC...
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