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Famatech asks for your advice
Dear visitors,
we are going to change a little our site to make it more clear and comfortable for you. In this connection we would like to hear your oppinions - what do you like and what do you NOT like in our site, what additional pages do you like to see here and so on. In the other words any remarks regarding our site will be much appreciated!
Well, this forum is not very intuitive. Like the New Topic link is small and hidden. The Text box at the bottom seems to be the most visible and sticks out, which is why I've seen a lot of people asking questions in unrelated topics. When they should have pressed the dinky little New topic link near the top.

Other than that, I think your site works great. As long as you are providing easiliy accessible information you want to tell people, that's all that counts. I hate sites where you have to dig about 5 links deep to find the information you're looking for. Keep it neat, clean, and intuitive. Some people, like myself, go to sites wanting quick information, you know like Download, About, Screenshots, or Registration/pricing. All of which you have. :)
I haven't really looked to much at the rest of the site, but first I sugest you fix your forums. Anyone can say they're Famatech support, but aren't... Would be easy to fix. Simply give yourselves the option to have a little Famatech icon next to your name in each post... Easy coding there.
good point there nick, when i first read the post above it looked a bit dodgy. Make the famatech staff have a kind of admin signal so we know that the posts are started by real famatech staff
To be honest im not going to ***** my time answering your questions because i dont think anyone believes that you are real radmin staff
I'm not going to say she is or isn't... Staff will read my post and see my opinion anyhow. . . They would probably delete or edit the post saying it isn't her though.
mabey if you add a search fucntion you won't find the same post so many times ;)
Search function is available in forums (see above). Or you would like to have site search function?
I think the foroums should be organized into categories, and there are several fforums that could be added to lessen confusion...

for example, when I am looking ffor info on radmin 3.0 I have to go into 2 or 3 of the four existing ones to read the diff topics about it...

I think there should be more and clearly defined forums...

I think two things are needed to improve your site:

First, the moderators should be given responsibility to review, categorize and summarize answers. The reason that so many people ask the same questions over and over, is because your Frequently Asked Questions section is so inadequate. If common issues could be referenced to pages that provide complete, easy-to-understand instructions, then you'd eliminate a lot of the duplication.

For example, if you search for "router", you will find tons of posts, NONE of which make reference to a complete set of start-to-finish instructions of how to set up Radmin behind a router. Conversely, if you go to any of your competitors sites, you will find pages with step-by-step instructions to handle this.

Secondly, change the attitude of (some, I'm sure not all) of the moderators. Remote Administration is a relatively complicated topic, usually beyond the reach of your average PC user. To have flippant responses to honest questions is inexcusable and worse-from your companies perspective-counterproductive. Not everyone is a MS Certified Engineer.


On your forum section it would be nice if you could use colors that are not so close together in hue. For an extreme example, maybe you could use blue for links not clicked on yet and red for links that have been clicked on already so I can keep them apart.

I am sure you can come up with two different colors that would be more pleasing than my extreme example.

Otherwise, it looks like a great site.
Here is my suggestion. If you had a way that users could edit/delete their own messages, I think that would be great. I am not sure how easy that would be. There have been several posts that I did where I forgot to say something, or left something important out. There have even been a few double posts, even though I am not sure how.
Perhaps something in our current session that would allow us to do that.

>Dear visitors,
>what additional pages do you like to see here and so on..

I would like to see a page that announces the availability of RAdmin 3, with a nice link to the download page.

Just keep some type of update of the new release that we have been waiting for months to come out. You are upsetting customers and wasting your companies time by not posting something in regards to the new release on your homepage. You made the promises, you didn't keep them, at least you can do is provide something for people to hope for. Some people will wait for the new version, as they are happy with your product and know you will not release it until it is 100% ready and complies with what was advertised. Others are upset with the promised dates, over and over again, and need the additional functions of the new release. The proposed new release should never have been advertised until it was tested and ready.

Wish you luck.. Your product is great, but serving the customer needs major improvements.

I hope the new release is all you say it is..

Are you in need of Beta testers, I would be more than happy to help.
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