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Keyboard + Mouse Cursor
I am testing RAdmin for future purchase, and have a few idea for enhancements.

1. Send Key

I would like to be able to customize that "Send Key" menu list, with key sequences of mine.

2. ALT Tab

When in Full Screen, I would expect ALT+Tab to be sent to the Remote PC, instead of the local PC (as for Remote Desktop).

3. Mouse Cursor

The mouse cursor does not reflect what the remote cursor actually is. It can be very confusing, and makes it hard to use some applications remotely.

Hope that these enhancements will be included in a coming release.

look at the http://www.famatech/news.. has some great SS's, but i want to play around with it myself...
Hmm.. the link was :
I'm also otherwise very happy with Radmin 2.1, but remote mouse cursor and mouse wheel support were nice. Some programs just need these features to be fully usable remotely.

BTW, have you noticed many calls from strange IP's? Somebody is looking for "open" remote machines... keep your IP filter setup strict!
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