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Okay, I don't know if this has already been addressed...but I am used to Citrix, where I can just press print on the connecting computer (my home computer even though I am on the remote computer) and it will print to my printer at home or the office, whichever I select. Does anyone know how to print to my home computer? (I use programs that I cannot just do a file-transfer to my hard drive.)

Also, is there a clipboard to transfer stuff from the virtual session onto my live session?

If anyone has any pointers, it would be greatly appreciated!
What I found works is to enable netbeui on both computers. Share the printer on your work computer. Connect to the network printer on your home computer and set it as the default. From there on, all print jobs will go to your work printer from your home computer or vice-versa. What also speed up the print is to close your radmin window in order to kill alot of traffic while your printing.
Also, if you are using win98, be sure to activate the LM announce, it makes your computer shares findable alot quicker.
Hey I know how you feel, I think they've promised remote printing in their next edition. It desperately needs it, aside from that 2.1 is ***** near perfect as is.

You can transfer the local clipboard to the remote and vice versa. If you right click on the title bar, there are 2 options : Get Clipboard and Set clipboard.

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